“What’s going on in there?”. Vatican and Zan ddl, a bomb – Libero Quotidiano

“What’s going on in there?”. Vatican and Zan ddl, a bomb – Libero Quotidiano
“What’s going on in there?”. Vatican and Zan ddl, a bomb – Libero Quotidiano

Antonio Padellaro commented on the news of the Vatican’s request to change the DdZan, request sent with a letter to the government. A huge case, revealed by the Corriere della Sera: “Heavy interference, which thinks Pope francesco, what’s going on in there? “, asks the director of the Everyday occurrence, guest of Go back broadcast on La7 hosted by Tiziana Panella.

In fact, the Vatican has asked the Italian government to modify the Zan bill, the bill against homotransphobia now in the Senate Justice Committee, because “it would violate the revision agreement of the Concordat in some contents”. According to the Vatican, in fact, some passages of the Zan bill would not only question the “freedom of organization”, but in a more general sense, the “freedom of thought” of the Catholic community.

The intervention of the Holy See on the Italian government aims “not to block” the Zan bill but to “reformulate it so that the Church can continue to carry out its pastoral, educational and social action freely”, explain Vatican sources. This, however, has bothered Padellaro, who sees a major interference by the Vatican in Italian politics. The journalist thus asks the Pope’s opinion. In the meantime, to the Vatican the author of the bill immediately replied: “The Zan bill was approved by a branch of Parliament with a large majority, and the process has not yet been completed. All concerns must be heard and all doubts dispelled, but there can be no foreign interference in the prerogatives of a sovereign parliament “. So Alessandro Zan of the Democratic Party on twitter.

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Whats Vatican Zan ddl bomb Libero Quotidiano

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