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An award aimed and dedicated to young women graduates and doctorates, not only with good academic results but also active in the social field: The Circle Italia Onlus together with Tiffany & Co. presents Nellie Award Italia 2021 in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. An award dedicated to the students of the Politecnico di Milano who are ready to make their knowledge available to identify innovative solutions for the benefit of others. «The Circle» is a network of women that is committed to helping women living in difficulty in the world, a «circle» of women willing to devote skills and time to design, implement, support fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Born in England in 2008, by the will of Annie Lennox, The Circle arrived in Italy in 2010 and this year, thanks to a donation from Tiffany & Co., it seeks for this award girls with extraordinary skills who cultivate their dream as a scientist with strength and determination, for a better future. The selection of the graduates and doctorates of the Milan Polytechnic takes place through a call for applications (which can also be downloaded from the university website) and the applications for participation must be sent by 10 July 2021. The awarding of the various prizes will be decided by a commission composed of members of «The Circle Italia Onlus», of Tiffany & Co. Italia and Politecnico di Milano and the winners will be announced by October 15th during an award ceremony.

IThe title of the award is inspired by the American reporter and explorer Nellie Bly. Lived between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a pioneer of investigative journalism and famous for being the first woman to go around the world alone in 72 days, Nellie gave a voice to many other women and challenged social conventions by demonstrating that a talented woman can follow her aspirations. What the young women of today must aim more and more to be.

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