the “jammer” will serve eight years-

the “jammer” will serve eight years-
the “jammer” will serve eight years-

For years he has been the nightmare of television journalists with his numerous “cathode sabotages” which, in 2012, earned him entry into the Guinness Book of Records. Gabriele Paolini, the TV jammer par excellence, this time, however, he returns to be talked about: not for a live incursion but because he entered last Monday prison in Rieti where he will have to serve eight years due to a pile of penalties. Forty-six was sentenced, last May, by the Supreme Court to five years for the production of child pornography and attempted sexual violence against minors.

The defence

“I am saddened by this decision, but I reject all the crimes disputed to me because they do not belong to me – commented Amaro Paolini as soon as he learned of the decision of the Supreme Court – I loved that young man, despite the age difference. I was 39 and he was 17, but I really loved him. But if the Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence, then it is right to go to prison, I do not want alternative measures ». The man had already served part of the sentence but then added other adverse sentences that increased the detention period to be faced.

The convictions

The first sentence, the most important one, was issued in the first instance in 2017 by the judges of the fifth criminal section and, for this matter, Paolini had already ended up in his cell for 19 days, only to be sent to domiciles for 20 months. According to the accusations of the magistrates, the man allegedly had an affair with a 17-year-old boy and was also accused of having induced some minors to have sexual relations with him in exchange for money and various gifts. The carabinieri of the investigative unit of Rome had arrested him after the owners of a photographic laboratory in Riccione had filed a complaint after having received, electronically from a store in the capital, various files to be printed depicting sex scenes between Paolini and some young people. Then the confirmation arrived on appeal. «It is a missed opportunity for the Justice – said his lawyer – with a maxim, new paths could have been taken regarding the legality or otherwise of certain behaviors. This did not happen ».

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