JustEat hires 1,000 riders in Milan: that’s when they will earn

JustEat hires 1,000 riders in Milan: that’s when they will earn
JustEat hires 1,000 riders in Milan: that’s when they will earn

June 22, 2021 4:46 pm

Over 1,000 riders have been hired by Just Eat in Milan with the employment contract of the logistics, transport, goods and shipping sector. This was announced by the company in the past few hours, highlighting how the group is continuing its path of “investing in the territory, creating jobs in the city, generating opportunities to support the growth of the food delivery market and improving the level of service”.

In Milan, the implementation of the model with the dependent riders is completed with the desire to “further enhance the growth potential of the city” which records a positive trend year on year with an increase of 83% of restaurants that have chosen digital food delivery, reaching over 2,200 total active on Just Eat in the city.

Riders who already deliver with Just Eat in the city as self-employed workers are offered a work contract with weekly hours calculated on the average of the hours worked in the previous period. The recruitment proposal is made by contacting the riders directly and giving them the priority of recruitment as per article 23 of the supplementary company agreement signed with the national trade unions CGIL, CIGL, CISL and UIL on 29 March.

How much will JustEat riders earn

“The contract provides for the application of holidays, overtime, holidays, sickness, maternity / paternity – continues the note – according to what is regulated by the National Collective Labor Agreement. The salary follows the tables provided for by the National Collective Labor Agreement with an hourly rate that will normally not be less than 9 euros up to the accrual of a working seniority for a total duration of two years. To an hourly starting salary of 8.50 euros is added the result bonus of 0.25 euros per delivery and the provision for severance pay, in addition to any surcharges for overtime, overtime, holidays and night work. In Milan there are various part time schedules (10, 20 or 30 hours), shifts are planned through an app where the rider gives his availability for the week next and Just Eat, considering the preference, proceeds to planning the working week “, concludes the company.


JustEat hires riders Milan earn

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