There was a serious accident on the A1 motorway between Piacenza and Fidenza: two truck drivers died

Around 10.40 on Tuesday morning there was a serious accident on the A1 motorway near Fiorenzuola d’Arda, more or less halfway between Piacenza and Fidenza. Two heavy vehicles and a car traveling in the direction of Milan were involved in a rear-end collision in which one of the trucks, a tanker carrying LPG, caught fire: both the driver of the tanker and that of the other truck are dead, while in the car there were two German women who managed to get away before other vehicles caught fire. The Fire Brigade and the operators of the NBCR nucleus of the Fire Brigade, specialized in nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological substances, are intervening on the spot. The intervention is still in progress.

Traffic was blocked with a few kilometers of queue in both directions for about two hours, and now there are still long queues both at the Fiorenzuola exit towards Milan and at the Piacenza Sud exit towards Bologna. Autostrade recommends taking the Piacenza Sud exit and taking state road 9 Via Emilia returning to Fiorenzuola in the direction of Bologna, and taking the opposite route for those traveling to Milan.

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