AlmaLaurea, salaries: computer scientists are the best paid, psychologists after all. Here are the degrees to earn more

June 22, 2021 – 10:23 am

But women continue to be penalized even in the most sought-after professions. The case of the lawyers

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In the latest AlmaLaurea report on the employment conditions of graduates, there are many sad confirmations and some – equally disheartening – curiosities. We knew that a computer scientist finds work earlier and earns much better than a graduate in literature. That the figure intersects with the pay disadvantage of pure women (on average, all things being equal, a man earns 17.8% more). But that the psychology graduates were even more “losers” than those with a degree in literature, this is perhaps less obvious. In reality, 5 years after graduation – achieved in both cases at the age of 28 (27.8 on average) – graduates in literature are still more easily out and about (77.7% of employed against 83, 7% of psychologists), but if we compare salaries then Humanities graduates fared much better: € 1,335 net per month against € 1,167. On the opposite side, computer science graduates who boast an employment rate of 97.1% and salaries of 1,833 euros (although an average age of 28, perhaps due to the fact that many graduate after a period of work). In second place are industrial and information engineers: employment rate of 96.4% and 1,825 euros in the pocket.

June 22, 2021 | 10:23



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