how it lives today in Lampedusa – Libero Quotidiano

how it lives today in Lampedusa – Libero Quotidiano
how it lives today in Lampedusa – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

June 22, 2021

You remember Roberto Da Crema? Impossible to forget his teleshopping with lots of screams and labored breathing, the most famous mustache on television Italian has disappeared from the radar for many years (after taking part in a reality show some time ago). Now he does something else: he sells fish at the Lampedusa market, where he has lived for some time. But just for fun. He tells it himself to New Tv, the weekly directed by Riccardo Signoretti. “When the fishermen saw my great passion they started inviting me on their fishing boats. And now, every now and then, I sell the fish behind the market stall. I do it for fun, ”says Da Crema.

All of course for free. It is not a real job, but only a fun: Roberto, apparently, maintains the primacy as a seller. But now that he has disappeared from the TV scene, how can he make a living? Apparently he has a company in Milan that deals with stock and goods exchange which is managed by the sons of Baffo, Morris and Valentina. And the news that amazes us is linked to the fact that his children have 80 employees. “Now I am also an employee of theirs, so they give me my salary”, Il Baffo told New Tv.

No television for years, no screams on the small screen. Just a lot of work away from the spotlight. Roberto Da Crema has been married to Raffaella for 45 years and has had two children, but he is also a grandfather. Someone talks about his return on TV atIsland of the Famous. He wouldn’t mind.

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lives today Lampedusa Libero Quotidiano

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