the scooter gone viral on social media

the scooter gone viral on social media
the scooter gone viral on social media

Often the mind leads men to perform actions beyond all logic, dangerous for themselves as well as for others, who find themselves watching unaware shows they never wanted to see. Let’s think of the guys on scooters who took to Milan unhealthy habit of going the wrong way by touching cars and buses.

Pictures, published first on social networks by those directly involved and then resumed from MilanToday, they are really creepy. They date back to a few weeks ago but are still disgusting, and on these pages we had not yet dealt with them. One can clearly be seen in the footage scooters go the wrong way through the busy streets of Milan, in particular we are talking about the preferential road on Viale Libia, in the Porta Romana area, touching cars and buses that cannot do anything but compulsively honk the horn and dodge the crazy vehicle.

The horns (including that of the scooter) are not the only sounds that are perceived, whoever shoots from a smartphone in fact screams like a madman, as if in the throes of a hallucinogenic trip. However, here there are very few hallucinations, at least for those who watch the movie online: we are talking about real madness, about an episode finished without consequences by pure miracle. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become a new, sick fashion …


scooter viral social media

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