Greta Nedrotti and Umberto Garzarella, united by the love for sport and travel –

Greta Nedrotti and Umberto Garzarella, united by the love for sport and travel –
Greta Nedrotti and Umberto Garzarella, united by the love for sport and travel –

In gulf of Sal there is a heavy air of mourning and pain. The heat is so suffocating that it has created a gray hood that veils the panorama. The same veil that the eyes of family and friends of Umberto Garzarella, 37 years old and Greta Nedrotti, 25, overwhelmed during a speedboat trip on Lake Garda on Saturday night. In the square there is silence. At the bar, some read the newspapers and, after closing them angrily, comment on the incident in a low voice: You can’t die like this, they had their whole life ahead of them, they were two good guys. A unanimous judgment among the Salodians. Never as this time mirrors these guys and their families that I knew – explains Mauro Fusato, dean of the underwater researchers of the Volontari del Garda Group – and for me it was really complicated to complete the discovery of poor Greta, not only to locate her at the bottom of the lake but because we have always been friends with his father. Then on the pier the meeting marked by a few words and a lot of emotion: He told me that only I could have returned it to him but I confess that it was the hardest recovery of my life.

The memory

Fusato also knew Umberto. He was an experienced yachtsman, attentive to the rules and respectful of others. We await the investigation to understand what happened, maybe they had dozed off, I don’t know. Among the more than ten thousand inhabitants of the Brescia municipality, the thirty-seven year old stood out. He was a handsome boy, sportsman and fan of our team – begins the mayor of Sal, Gianpiero Cipani – generous, friend of everyone, always available to help but, above all, he was a hard worker and, moreover, it couldn’t be otherwise since he had inherited from his father Enzo not only the activity of boiler but also the spirit of being at the service of customers’ needs. Umberto loved to travel wherever there was sea to sail and he spent the last holidays abroad before the pandemic in Mykonos and Ibiza.

The pain of the community

He had recently returned single and in Sal, he had met Greta, 25 years old from Toscolano Maderno but employed, for almost three years, in a firm of accountants. Saturday, the idea of ​​a night trip on his motorboat between the background of the lapping of the lake waters and the glance given by the suggestive crib of lights overlooking the Garda. Greta also loved the lake, she was full of life, friends and determination. After a bachelor’s degree in economics, he was also about to pursue a master’s degree. She was brilliant and worked hard – remember her colleagues – so much so that they had offered her to stay for the internship. Greta was also thoughtful. He had asked for time – they explain – to evaluate if the free profession was his way. Even in the past he had pondered his choices seriously. From 14 to 19 she had been one of the most prominent volleyball players in the area’s youth teams – they conclude – but, as soon as she started university, she preferred to take off her knee pads to study and start working. In Toscolano Maderno, yesterday, was the moment of pain. My community feels such pain – says the mayor Delia Castellini – that it has closed itself off in dignified silence.

Accident at Lake Garda, Greta and Umberto dead: the news

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