Citizenship income? The clever ones grossed 50 million

Citizenship income? The clever ones grossed 50 million
Citizenship income? The clever ones grossed 50 million

During 2020, over 50 million euros were unduly received by holders of citizenship income: this is the incredible overall figure that results from the report of the Finance police (GdF) about the investigative activities carried out last year.

The crafty citizens of citizenship income

“Among the controls on the subject of subsidized social benefits, the Guardia di Finanza has created a specific operational device aimed at contrasting the phenomena of illicit apprehension of the ‘Basic income, we read in the official report reported by “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

“The interventions carried out in the latter area, also with the contribution of INPS, were addressed towards positions characterized by concrete elements of risk and made it possible to intercept over 50 million euros unduly received and about 13 million euros of contributions requested and not yet collected “, the document continues. After the in-depth investigations conducted to track down the perpetrators, the Fiamme Gialle reveal that they have reported to the Judicial Authority as many as 5,868 subjects, “for the offenses envisaged by sector legislation”. Among the suspects, moreover, “there are also owners of villas and luxury cars, total tax evaders, people engaged in illicit trafficking and belonging to criminal associations of mafia mold, already definitively condemned “.

Health emergency, thousands of frauds

The Guardia di Finanza, also within the 2020 report, reveals that it has also carried out numerous checks in the context of the measures following the pandemic. “The Fiamme Gialle – underlined the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in a message sent to the General Commander of the GdF, Giuseppe Zafarana – which has always been in charge of institutions and safeguarding the economic freedoms of citizens, have played a role of great importance in a period in which the epidemiological emergency has profoundly changed the life of our community “, we still read in the document.

Over a thousand cases of fraud highlighted by the investigative activity of the Guardia di Finanza: 1,347 in all the subjects reported for the crimes of commercial fraud, sale of products with false signs, fraud, forgery and receiving stolen goods; on the other hand, there are 310 administrative sanctions. In addition to this, the military has seized over 71 million non-compliant masks and personal protective equipment and about 1 million packages (for a total of 160 thousand liters) of sanitizers, passed off by vendors as disinfectants.

Irregular procurement and fraud

Numerous irregularities revealed by the GdF in the field of procurement: the total value of illicit contractual procedures amounts to well over 5 billion euros, 632 million of which relating to healthcare costs. 3,525 subjects were reported for crimes of this kind, for corruption and for crimes against the public administration (405, however, arrests). Furthermore, in 2020, scaling measures (seizure of assets) were carried out for a total amount of approximately € 284 million.

The frauds highlighted by the Fiamme Gialle have reached the figure of 273 million euros. 211, on the other hand, are the millions in the social security and health care expenditure sector: 9.169 the responsible subjects denounced by the GdF.

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