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Weather, it will be a scorching week with heat and mugginess from North to South, peaks above 40 ° C are expected

GREAT AFRICAN HOT IN THE WEEK, AFA AND PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT, APEX IN THE SOUTH – The African anticyclone has taken over the central Mediterranean and in the next days will continue to let hot air flow towards our Peninsula. The South will be the hardest hit by this wave which could be the most intense in the last 10 years, with hot weather for several days and temperatures maximum even above 40 ° C. It will also be hot in the rest of Italy, albeit to a lesser extent, but to complicate things will be the humidity due to the stagnation of the air which, combined with the intense heat, it will increase the unpleasant feeling of mugginess, especially in the evening and at the beginning of the night in big cities. High humidity also on the coastal sectors and in general in the Po Valley, due to the high humidity levels.

IN THE SOUTH POINTS OF MORE THAN 40 ° C. It will be very hot all over the place in the next few days, with the exception of the Northwest, which occasionally struggles with thunderstorms. If in Romagna and along the Tyrrhenian sea peaks are reached around 34/37 ° C, even higher values ​​will be reached in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. Peaks of 42 ° C are expected already on Tuesday on Foggiano, Cosentino and Catanese, on Wednesday even peaks of 44 ° C on the inland areas of eastern Sicily. Thursday a few more degrees in Puglia with highs up to 42 ° C on Foggiano and Salento, but also on Materano and Cosentino, in addition to Catania. A few degrees less along the coasts, mitigated by the sea whose surface is relatively cooler, but with high humidity and muggy weather.

Maximum temperature range Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

THE MOST HOTTEST CITIES – Among the cities with the red dot, with the highest thermal values, we point out Foggia with 40/42 ° C between Tuesday and Thursday, Cosenza with 40/41 ° C, Matera with 39/41 ° C, the Piana di Catania with peaks even of 44 ° C, while a few degrees less will be reached in the Catania capital, influenced by the sea. Also noteworthy are the 40 ° C of Benevento, the 39 ° C of Sulmona and Caserta, the 38 ° C of Terni and Fabriano; 37 ° C in Potenza. In Rome, Florence, Campobasso and L’Aquila maximum expectations up to 35-36 ° C; 35 ° C is also expected in Bologna and Ferrara.

ALMOST TROPICAL NIGHTS – Day after day, even the lowest night temperatures will struggle to drop to fresh values, especially in large cities, on the coastal areas and in the Po Valley, where in the coming evenings it will still be 30 ° C even after 20, up to 26- 28 ° C around midnight (due to slow heat release in urban areas). Physical discomfort induced by the physiological increase in relative humidity during the evening hours is inevitable; it will do better in rural areas and in the Alpine and Apennine valleys.

Weather, it will be tropical nights in the city over the next few days
Weather, it will be tropical nights in the city over the next few days

WEEKEND, POSSIBLE REDUCTION OF THE HEAT. Similar values ​​also on Friday, while over the weekend we could move towards a resizing of thermal values for the entry of a more organized front, piloted by a low pressure sack in transit over central Europe and destined mainly for the northern regions, but with a drop in temperatures that would affect all of Italy. However, this trend needs confirmation, given the temporal distance. Important updates will follow.

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