the stop between June 28 and July 5

the stop between June 28 and July 5
the stop between June 28 and July 5

A matter of days, not more than weeks. June 28, when all of Italy will be white: this could be the date from which it will no longer be necessary to wear the mask outdoors. The CTS will think about it today, even if there are those who hypothesize a postponement until the following week, on July 5. In the evening the experts of the Scientific Technical Committee should arrive at a summary.

Outdoor mask, away from June 28th or July 5th

A close confrontation is announced in the meeting to be held between the 12 members of the Scientific Technical Committee. It could reasonably be decided to set the deadline for the obligation when the whole country will be in the white zone, therefore from 28 June, waiting for the Valle d’Aosta, the only region still yellow, to change color (the rest of the country is white from now). On the other hand, in the face of the constant trend of declining numbers on infections, the hypothesis of the stop of outdoor masks in the middle of next month seems to be waning. The mask will still be worn in places at risk of crowding. The debate on the timing of a stop to this measure for outdoor masks has been ongoing for days and has been heated after France has chosen to eliminate the obligation. Same choice also from Spain. “This was the last weekend with the obligation” of the outdoor mask, said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at the Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona, ​​announcing that he will propose the stop from June 26.

Goodbye curfew from today

In the meantime, today the curfew measure expires throughout Italy, which however only affects the yellow Valle D’Aosta, as Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, the Province of Bolzano, Sicily and Tuscany also enter the white zone, where there are no timetables. for the return home. The reservation on the opening of the discos will be dissolved shortly, which should be able to start again from the beginning of July and certainly with the obligation of the green pass. The use of the green certificate will be operational from June 28th in our country and from July 1st it will be useful to move throughout Europe, with the possibility of obtaining the QR Code through the Immuni apps and on IO or by printing it in the pharmacy or with the support. of the general practitioner. The order of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, is also triggered today: those arriving from the United Kingdom, where the Delta variant is rampant, will have to undergo a five-day quarantine. The numbers of the latest bulletin continue to be reassuring: in the last 24 hours there have been 881 new infections and 17 victims, with the positive rate stable at 0.59% and only 12 admissions to intensive care (389 people hospitalized in wards of intensive care throughout Italy). These are numbers at the lowest of the year and which are comparable to those of the beginning of October 2020.

“We can take off the mask outdoors”

“We can take off the mask outdoors, especially if we are vaccinated. But we have to put it back on if we can’t stay away or if we find ourselves in situations where we scream or sing. In this case the virus spreads more easily. I struggle to imagine that we will relive the waves of the past, especially in terms of hospital admissions “. Thus in an interview with La Repubblica Nino Cartabellotta, doctor and president of the Gimbe Foundation. “The vaccination coverage begins to widen”, he recalls, and it is “normal for voluntary bookings to run out beyond a certain threshold”, but “if the desire to get vaccinated drops too much, it will be necessary to change strategy” by focusing on “active call strategies: going to look for the people who are missing the call.
It will be necessary to call, explain, convince “.

According to Cartabellotta “we are at a level of circulation of the virus low enough to be able to resume the tracing of cases, but unfortunately the regions are discouraged, for fear of having to leave the white zone. We should also enhance the sequencing of the virus to notice the variants in time .
If we don’t do this now that the situation is calm, we will remain at the mercy of events. We risk seeing the effects of a more contagious variant only after the increase in cases, “he concludes.

The regions “free of Covid” are increasing: in Europe only Spain and the Netherlands remain in the red

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