media & curtain – Vittorio Storaro’s Roman Civilization is on display at the La Nuova Pesa gallery

media & curtain – Vittorio Storaro’s Roman Civilization is on display at the La Nuova Pesa gallery
media & curtain – Vittorio Storaro’s Roman Civilization is on display at the La Nuova Pesa gallery

ROME – The exhibition, curated by Nestor Saied and Giovanni Storaro, is a continuous cultural discovery of what the civilization of Rome and all the civilizations that followed and preceded it left to history, a succession of images inspired by the thought of a light, by the imagination of a color, by the intuition of an element. “I had completed some film commitments – explains Vittorio Storaro – and my mind wandered over an ancient past, my culture of origin. While I was working, the more I spent evenings or days off at the small computer to try to write with words what I normally try to “write with light”, the more I became aware of my unpreparedness on the field of study and application that I was stepping on since some time: the elements. In fact, I felt more and more the need to stop again to continue my study, pure research, on the subject; a necessity so strong as to push me towards a project that would have allowed me to re-examine what I had done up to then between light and colors, to better understand what I could still visualize in the primary elements of Life: the Roman Civilization project. After so much going around the world, in fact, there could not have been another time for reflection, a project on the history of Rome that seemed to carry within itself the elements suitable to leave me the opportunity to summarize my path of light, all my path of Life “.

The photo-graphic expression within the Roman Civilization, for Vittorio Storaro the creative possibility of being able to revisit a journey into the visual imaginary that has accompanied him up to now, is narrated as in a mosaic of fifteen themes that can only be restored as a whole. the face, the Image, of the city of Rome. A series of Cine-Foto-grafie that divide the entire project into three parts: The memory, the waters, the afterlife, the defense, the emperors, based on the theme of light around whose core revolves the relationship between the Moon and the Sun , Darkness and Unconscious; The triumphs, the empresses, the divinities, the edifications, the nature, based on the theme of colors, around whose core the relationship between Masculine and Feminine, between Matter and Consciousness revolves; The law, the representations, the seven hills, the empire, the imagination based on the theme of the elements, around whose core revolves the relationship between Natural and Artificial, between Energy and Superconscious.

Vittorio Storaro, at the height of his film career (three Oscars: for Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”, for Warren Beatty’s “Reds” and Bernando Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor”) devoted several years to studying of symbolism, philosophy and dramaturgy. “La Civiltà Romana”, a reinterpretation of its creative concepts, is a project to deepen not only the knowledge of the Visual Arts but its own historical, social and cultural roots. The exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of the Catalog, a set of philosophical concepts, writings, paintings and photographic images, the result of many years as a scholar and as a professional.

“La Civiltà Romana” by Vittorio Storaro, curated by Nestor Saied and Giovanni Storaro
“La Nuova Pesa” Gallery in Rome, Via del Corso, 530. Hours: 10: 00-13.30 – 16.00-19.30. Admissions will be limited in full compliance with the rules in force.
It will also be possible to book visits to the following contacts: tel. 06 361 0892 – mail: [email protected]
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