Italy, it doesn’t happen but if it happens …

Unbeatable, even before undefeated. After thirty results without a single defeat we can shamelessly and proudly write it. Unbeatable, the Azzurri, and sure of themselves and of the game, always their head in the game, in the commitment and now in the event. Unbeatable and new, fresh as the language so simple and effective with which Mancini presents them every time: the players he has chosen are not “important”, they are “good”, good players. An adjective that perfectly sums up this national team without champions and that makes us love it more. Also the constant recourse of the coach to joy and happiness it is part of a success and popularity that surpasses all temporariness. For too long we have not been able to recognize ourselves in the Azzurri, to be proud of them. In two years, the third counts the right, since he was able to train them very little for the reasons we know, Mancini has made a selection that is miraculous: a lot derives from the fact that he is the most technical coach (as a player) of ours. history. Mancini is easy to change and respects the characteristics of his. Against Wales gave space to Toloi and Bastoni and to put them at ease he invested in the three-man defense; an operation that he completed in the second half, preserving Bonucci, accustomed to the four-man line, and replacing him with Acerbi.

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Pessina decisive, Italy also wins against Wales

Italy, Mancini’s winning choices

Unbeatable and lucky: the group in which our team claimed their superiority was not as hellish as that of France, Germany and Portugal. At best, purgatorial. The most exciting aspect of the path taken at the Olimpico lies in Italy’s ability not to let the opponents play or to make them play badly: only Switzerland has granted about ten minutes of dribbling; Wales failed to exploit a couple of mistakes. The turnover also rewarded the coach: Pessina even scored by underlining once more the impact of the Atalantines on this European: from Gosens to Malinovskyi, to Miranchuk. While Verratti did everything to affirm his technical prevalence over Locatelli: in some moments I thought I saw Pirlo again, in particular when Marco asked his companions to pass by him, who was ready to take on all the responsibilities of the maneuver. I don’t know if we’re in the final, who can say? And frankly I’m interested in the right. The fun that the national team is giving us is enough for me, I enjoy the moments of enthusiasm that it manages to guarantee. The smiles and the arms to the sky of the blues and the Italians are enough for me. Before the European Championship we would have signed to find ourselves in this situation after three games. It doesn’t happen, but if it happens …

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Mancini warns: “Now another tournament begins”

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