In 2020 3,500 total tax evaders were discovered, almost 6 thousand crafty citizenship income denounced

Covid, 1,347 reported and 71 million masks seized – Throughout 2020, the financiers also had to fight the numerous frauds on the Covid front: 1,347 subjects reported for commercial fraud, sale of products with false signs, fraud, forgery and receiving stolen goods. There were administrative sanctions in 310 cases and seizures of approximately 71.7 million masks and personal protective equipment, as well as one million packs and 160 thousand liters of sanitizers, sold as disinfectants.

Rdc, unduly received 50 million euros – The interventions of the Fiamme Gialle on citizenship income made it possible to intercept over 50 million euros unduly received and about 13 million euros of contributions requested and not yet collected.

Mafia, confiscated for a billion and a half – 8,822 individuals were also subjected to patrimonial assessments, while the seizure and confiscation orders carried out reached 1.5 billion euros. On the other hand, the value of movable and immovable property, companies, company shares and financial resources proposed to the judicial authority for seizure amounts to 2.2 billion. Measures that include the execution of preventive seizures, pursuant to the Anti-Mafia Code, for about 600 million euros and definitive confiscations of assets for over 650 million euros. 64,732 investigations were then carried out following requests from the prefects of the Republic, most of which (64,564) referred to the functional checks for the release of anti-mafia documentation.

Made in Italy, 156 million products seized – As part of the protection of the market of goods and services to combat counterfeiting, over 5,100 interventions were carried out with 2,100 delegations from the judicial authority, for a seizure of about 156 million counterfeit industrial products with false indication of made in Italy and not safe as well as large quantities of food products with falsified industrial brands or false indications. 2,268 individuals were reported to the public prosecutors, 17 of whom were subject to precautionary measures.

Illegal gaming, fines of € 8 million – The checks and investigations against illegal and irregular gaming carried out by the GDF in 2020 made it possible to impose fines of 8.3 million euros, to report 311 subjects, to discover 275 clandestine agencies and to ascertain a tax base evaded for the purposes of single tax of approximately 500 million euros.

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