media & curtain – Public domain 2021, the city of Rome for the Under 25s. Until 4 July

media & curtain – Public domain 2021, the city of Rome for the Under 25s. Until 4 July
media & curtain – Public domain 2021, the city of Rome for the Under 25s. Until 4 July

Music, Dance, Theater, Performance, Exhibitions, Installations, Cinema and Digital Art: 30 multi-ethnic, fluid, participatory and feminine events. All strictly vacuum packed. From 25 June to 4 July

FESTIVAL – A journey full of events in a city redesigned by Generation Z: multi-ethnic, fluid, participatory and woman. Many special guests and new experiments for a relay of 30 multidisciplinary projects that express the need to be there and to be able to have their say on the surrounding reality. A suffocated and airless reality, wrapped in cellophane and where the “adults” are no longer able to be credible and – simply – have no answers. This is why SOTTOVUOTO is the title chosen by the U25 management for this new edition, and entrusted to the graphic elaboration of the ironmould artist. After 12 months, Dominio Pubblico becomes an opportunity to touch this ferment first hand, with 30 different and rich opportunities for meeting, comparison and discovery, within a program that dialogues with the reality of Generation Z and brings it together with established names, sometimes creating short circuits, sometimes light.

Hence, here is the proposal of a multi-ethnic and intercultural line up that sees many young and talented artists as protagonists, including Margherita Vicario with the Multiethnic Orchestra of Arezzo, Claire Audrin, Ellynora and many other young talents; but also events to attend live and live streaming from Spazio Rossellini with the “MATCH, meeting / show between theatrical generations in comparison.” Young artists and companies will clash with a great and well-known artist of the theatrical scene: Claudia Marsicano ー young interpreter female known on the national scene and winner of the UBU 2017 award as the best Italian Under 35 ー performer against actress Francesca Benedetti; Nicola Borghesi ー director and director of the company Kepler 452 ー against maestro Gabriele Lavia. Space also for new languages ​​with encounters online audiences that will involve selected artists and some of the leading experts in the field of digital live and performing arts.

“Be there. It already seems a lot to us. To testify with our bodies, with our presence that life goes on ”explains the artistic director Tiziano Panici. “After a new year where we have seen ourselves deprived of air, hope and a daily life in contact with others. This is exactly what the work of the ironmould artist created for this eighth edition of the Festival “Public Domain – The City for the Under 25” seems to express: a tangle of thoughts, fears, uncertainties that intertwine in a seemingly endless labyrinth. exit. All packaged and sealed by plastic that removes the air and insulates from the outside world. Vacuum packed. Yet that tangle explodes into a multitude of colors creating a rainbow of possibilities that our festival expresses with all its explosive artistic power: music – dance – theater – performance exhibitions – installations – cinema and digital art “.

India Theater, Rome Theater – Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1
Spazio Rossellini, Multidisciplinary Cultural Center of the Lazio Region – Via della Tubo Navale 58


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