Beautiful Italy, but enough Magic Nights

Beautiful Italy, but enough Magic Nights
Beautiful Italy, but enough Magic Nights

On the comparison between these days and those of Italy ’90 there is an enormous misunderstanding: in that World Cup of illusions there was nothing good, much less for Mancini and Vialli. If you really have to look back, Argentina ’78 is better

Now that we have reached the half, and the missing half is the most succulent one, which will give meaning and flavor to the whole story. Now that we will start playing across the border, scattered and tossed to every latitude of the Great Continent, in the thrill, uncertainty and desirable ecstasy of direct elimination, we solemnly ask for a moratorium: enough with the Magic Nights, enough with the magic of ‘ Olympic, enough rogue ponentino corps blowing in the stands, enough with Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini (not in an absolute sense, God forbid, just for that song). On the obvious comparison, in some ways inevitable, these days with those of Italy ’90 weighs an enormous misunderstanding.

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Beautiful Italy Magic Nights

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