“So Conte made Italy lose international weight”

“So Conte made Italy lose international weight”
“So Conte made Italy lose international weight”

A government that risked getting Italy out of the G7? The executive that preceded Mario Draghi has now passed to the archives, but still today we are discussing the strategies implemented by the Giallorossi. The Honorable Matteo Perego of Cremnago, who was elected from the ranks of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies, is convinced that now Italy has all the credentials to be able to play a central role in the international geopolitical chessboard. A discourse that, before the advent of this government of national unity, was not valid. Despite Conte, in short, the relaunch is possible but on one condition: that “courageous choices” are made. Not only that: Italy should invest more in defense – argues the deputy -, even in the light of an overall strategy that should look after the emerging balances.

The Marò affair is considered closed for a few days. Is it really true for Italy?

“It was a slap in the face for our country. Mistakes were made in the management of the entire emergency phase. We would have expected a different attitude from our country: to bring the ship back to international waters, avoiding this dispute. Marina’s fusiliers paid a very high price. It took eleven years to put an end to the matter. Italy did not come out well from this affair, although the institutions never abandoned the two riflemen. From the beginning it was understood how he was falling into the Indian trap. Another NATO country would have behaved differently. I place part of the blame on the policy that handled the case. “

Are you saying that Italy has lost too much geopolitical weight along the way?

“Italy must clarify to itself what role it wants to play in the world and in particular in the Mediterranean. We work very well in diplomacy, but sometimes we get lost in diplomatic exercises without obtaining concrete objectives. I want to mention the case of Libya. In 2008, we signed an Italo-Libyan friendship treaty with President Berlusconi and Colonel Gaddafi. Now what role do we play with respect to our national interest in relation to that nation? The Conte government has failed in geopolitics “.

That is, did Conte make us lose more precious land?

“Just think of the trucks of the Russian Federation armed with flags, which were carrying aid, but making Italy a fertile ground for Russian-Chinese soft power. A G7 country like ours should not have allowed it. I’m sure that with the Draghi government would never have happened. “

In your opinion, is the geopolitical paradigm changing with Draghi?

“It seems to me that Draghi has clearer ideas about Libya than the previous executives and it also seems to me that he has the will to give back to Italy the primary role it had before. I believe that in this Draghi is different from those who preceded him and that you interpret diplomacy in a different way. Think about how Erdogan defined it. You must have the conditions to be a country suitable for the G7. And to do this you have to deal with yourself, as well as with a certain vision of superficial, populist and not up to our potential and our expectations of recent years. I hope that Draghi can take the reins in hand and lead our country where it deserves “.

Also because geopolitics is changing …

“I would like to remind you that we are no longer at the beginning of the 2000s. Several international geopolitical actors have emerged and have become important. The competition is increasingly fierce. We cannot reason as we did thirty years ago”.

Let’s understand better: you say that we risk staying out of the G7?

“This will continue in the next decades. Let’s make a comparison: in England Boris Johnson has decided to invest 40 billion more in defense. In Italy much less is invested than in other countries. Defense is a very complex articulation. Sometimes it works. through simplifications. Defense is thought to be a closed sector, strictly connected to the use of the military instrument. It is a much broader issue. Just think of cyber security “.

She cares a lot …

“It is a world that also affects the infrastructures of the state and all the branches of our country: communication, transport, energy supplies and the management of networks. Geopolitics, of which defense is an articulation, requires diplomacy courageous but also of solid choices. We are a constitutional democracy and as stated in art. 11 oriented towards peace, well-being and international cooperation. We are certainly not activators of conflicts. We always try to establish peace and bring well-being to the populations involved from tensions. We must however – I want to repeat it – make courageous choices “.

What is certain is that cyber-security is becoming central …

“Cyber ​​is the only domain created by man and not by nature and it is precisely for this reason that we should have thought about it first. It is an artificial creation. We are lagging behind other countries. The birth of a national cyber agency security would be a good starting point, with the attention that it does not become a new form of bureaucracy that companies that enter this system must carry out. It should be the awareness, in a sidereal delay, of how much this issue involves our everyday life, perhaps more than any other “.

Explain to us the reasons for your painstaking attention ..

“There are different types of cyber security. It is a really complex issue: it requires an important cognitive effort. Our country should generate a cyber Academy, Undersecretary Mulè often talks about it. We must create skills to bridge the gap. We need to develop technologies. Italian owners and maintain technological supremacy in the West over China. This is the greatest challenge. Cyber ​​security includes data protection, company patent assets and citizens’ privacy. Either we will be able to develop Italian technology (at least European) or in ten years we will have a serious problem. Using Chinese technologies, such as video surveillance, could be risky. “

You are a supporter of a veterans bill. Isn’t she an “American”?

“For me it is the mission of a lifetime. We have a great professional heritage in the armed forces. We must know how to imagine a world like the American one in which these people, who have invested many of their years in defense of the state and who have a very high level of capacity, are employed in civil society in a virtuous mechanism I support the interpenetration of the armed forces in civil society. If servants of the state have risked their lives for little money, it is right that the state begins to be aware of the work of these men. We need to value our heroes more. It is the draft of my bill. It does not necessarily have to be soldiers or people who concern the armed forces “.

Reading his bio, I found out he has a degree in philosophy. It makes me wonder: from a philosophical point of view, what are the implications of today’s post covid situation?

“The pandemic has questioned our fundamental concepts. There are historical phases in which everything that has been experienced is questioned and we start from scratch. In my opinion this is a moment of great value for our society. I have no idea how other countries perceive this pandemic, but it’s time to rewrite some rules. Politics could benefit from this situation. We questioned work, we expanded smart working, we understood the value of protection health. We have asked ourselves many questions. I think a new enlightenment must be born “.

This “new Enlightenment” you speak of may have a statistical problem. Youth unemployment is around 30% …

“We have a very low index of graduates compared to other Western nations. In Italy it often has the conception of a pervasive, invasive state and as a solution to all evils. I am for the idea of ​​a light state: that does few things and it is good and above all that it has policies that encourage free initiative, business growth and hiring. We must interpret the economy as a driving force for a push, not as something based on subsidies without concern. I am anti-welfare. up are the future in the world of work. We have enormous genius and creativity. There is no system that can generate growth. There are recipes for youth employment, it would be enough to change the idea of ​​the state “.

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