Mice out of control in broad daylight in the center of Milan

Via Nirone, Via Sant’Agnese and Giardini Calderini. In this triangle in the center of Milan between the Cattolica and Corso Magenta there is a real invasion of mice, already visible in the light of the sun, very numerous at night.

The requests of the residents to the Municipality and Ats are useless. As is the practice, now all that remains is to publish the images on social networks and hope that Sala and his inefficient administration will have a start and make those in duty intervene.

In this heat, the risk of disease and infection spreading with out-of-control mice is considerable. Judging by the number of rats running around, it must be a long time since the area was not disinfected.

Another banal as well as serious sign that in Sala Milano, even in the center, decoration and cleanliness are optional.


Forza Italia’s parent company in the Milan City Council.

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