«Milan I love you, you made my dreams come true. Tonight I play for you “

«Milan I love you, you made my dreams come true. Tonight I play for you “
«Milan I love you, you made my dreams come true. Tonight I play for you “

He was the first Italian artist to fill the San Siro, armed with a guitar and little more, dressed up as a street musician. This is to say that Milan, for Edoardo Bennato, will always be Milan. Today the Neapolitan singer-songwriter, bluesman and rocker returns (at 9.45 pm) as a protagonist in the city, with a concert in the program of the Music Festival at the Castle: a chapter – indeed “the” chapter – of the Sforza Summer that fully recounts the hope of the Milanese.

That of returning to being the city that breathes music and culture. What does the return to Milan mean for you?

«Milan is my second city, it is absolutely dear to me because here I made my dreams come true. Also, it is the city where I went to university. I also have a house here. And then there was that memorable concert on 19 July 1980 at San Siro, the last of fifteen concerts in Italian stadiums ».

How did you think about your concert? We talk about an extended band.

«It will be a concert articulated between rock and blues with incursions by the Flegreo string quartet. In the lineup I have foreseen new and classic songs from the past ».

What value does a concert like this have after a pandemic?

«I am the testimonial of the Music Festival 2021 and when they proposed me to play in the courtyard of the Castello Sforzesco, I immediately accepted. First of all to try to reopen the concert season, penalized in this era marked by Covid. It seemed to me a tangible sign of hope ».

In 2017 he released his reinterpretation of “Wireless Puppet”, with new and classic songs rearranged. The theatrical musical Pinocchio Reloaded was also released. Does theater still fascinate you?

«When I wrote Puppet without wires, I already imagined a musical, as well as for the Peter Pan of I’m only songs, which was later realized. I never imagined it would be a box office blockbuster. Theater has always been a great passion of mine ».

You have always been able to sing uncomfortable truths through fairytale metaphors: in the year of Covid did you identify any Fire Eaters?

«Mangiafuoco is always in his place: he moves the strings and makes the puppets dance. Candlewick takes everyone to the rave party, in search of the high. We have plenty of talking and rambling crickets, their double standard keeps us company ».

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