Milan, fashion restarts and returns to parade in the squares – Fashion

Milan, fashion restarts and returns to parade in the squares – Fashion
Milan, fashion restarts and returns to parade in the squares – Fashion

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Milan – Fashion restarts, half in digital and half in person. And it spreads again in the city, returning to the streets and squares. Live or virtual catwalks like that of Etro or that of Prada. And then there is White with a dynamic program, many workshops, to become actors of responsible fashion. Nature, music, sustainability: the mantra of the latest fashion shows. There is the crystalline sea of ​​Sardinia at the exit from the tunnel-catwalk on which Prada shows the collection for next summer, as if to indicate that liberation is near, and to convey – says Miuccia Prada – “a sense of utopia, of ideal, of hope and positivity”.

Because “plunging into nature, going to the beach, is synonymous with freedom. It is utopian. It is truly a primary need, but also an intellectual need”. “The world is so complicated – too complicated – and it’s easy – he says Miuccia Prada, who designed the collection with Raf Simons – lose sight of the essence of human life. For several seasons this idea has interested me and we have been exploring it in different ways. “If before the focus was on technology and machines, today” we are thinking the opposite: of the human, of the real. “From nature to music with a homage to Franco Battiato the show with which Etro yesterday presented its collection for next summer. Introduced by the entry of Maestro, as Kean Etro calls him, and accompanied by the notes of “The era of the white boar”, the show was held between the tracks of the former Scalo Farini to tell a “journey of the soul” that unites the nomadic spirit of the brand and the teachings of the great singer-songwriter .

A relationship that began decades ago, when Etro with his fabrics created the sets for the Mondi Lontanissimi tour, whose poster has always decorated Kean’s office. “Franco was fond of ancient and Persian fabrics and used to go to my mother’s shop, who one day – says the designer – told him my son is a fan of his, and I explained to her that mine was a different relationship, he was a master for me. “From this admiration comes the new collection, set in a space almost metaphysical, “without beginning and without end, among wildflowers, St. John’s wort and St. John’s wort “, with the models that parade on the disused tracks and then end up in the small field torn from the concrete.

A journey – explains Kean – in the footsteps of Agatha Christie e Bruce Chatwin. He talks about the future White which, with the support of Ice, hosts a series of companies and brands that represent the new frontier of modern craftsmanship with production techniques and handmade, revisited with new, more ethical technologies. Matteo Ward, creative director makes an appointment tonight, at 9 pm, at the Sozzani Tazzoli Foundation: Sustainable evolution will be presented, a project in collaboration with the National Chamber of Fashion to support new generations of creatives.

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