Coronavirus Italy Bulletin June 20, 881 cases out of 150,522 swabs and 17 deaths from Covid

Coronavirus infections recorded in Italy in the last 24 hours are 881, yesterday they were 1,197. This is what emerges from today’s bulletin, Sunday 20 June, just released by the Ministry of Health. The infections recorded in the country since the beginning of the epidemic have risen to 4,252,976. On the last day, 150,522 tests were carried out, including molecular and antigenic swabs. The positivity rate at 0.6% (+ 0.1%). The currently positive cases are 87,710 (-1,440) while the deaths in the last day were 17, for a total of 127,270 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency. The healed are 4,037,996 (+2,304). The Region in which the greatest increase of new infections is recorded is Lombardy, followed by Sicily.

The new cases Region by Region

There are 4,252,976 total cases of Covid recorded in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic. The currently positive ones are 87,710 (-1,440). Below is the table with the figures of the daily bulletin and the numbers of increases Region by Region in the last day.

Lombardy: +145
Veneto: +26
Campania: +82
Emilia-Romagna: +73
Piedmont: +31
Lazio: +68
Puglia: +45
Tuscany: +55
Sicily: +135
Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +7
Walking: +15
Liguria: +18
Abruzzo: +27
P.A. Bolzano: +4
Calabria: +54
Sardinia: +9
Umbria: +27
P.A. Trento: +
Basilicata: + 36
Molise: +12
Aosta Valley: +4

The situation in intensive care

In intensive care, 389 people are currently hospitalized, five fewer than yesterday, with 12 admissions on the last day. The Sars-Cov-2 positives hospitalized with symptoms are 2,444, while those in home isolation 84,877.


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