Rosa Galleri joins the Brothers of Italy – Chronicle

In the provincial headquarters of the Brothers of Italy, the municipal councilor of Bolano Anna Rosa Galleri joined the party of Giorgia Meloni in the presence of the provincial coordinator Davide Parodi, the regional councilor Sauro Manucci, the provincial organizational manager Giovani Lodovici and the provincial executive with responsibility for propaganda, Emilio Iacopi. The regional Commissioner, Matteo Rosso, also participated in the meeting by telephone. “I adhere with conviction and enthusiasm to Brothers of Italy and I will continue to defend the battles of the Bolanese with the same vigor that I have always shown, I thank the provincial leaders and the regional coordinator who welcomed me with the affection of a great family.

I specify that I will remain in the “Relaunch Bolano” council group and will continue to work to build an alternative to the left that governs the Municipality “so begins Anna Rosa Galleri in Fratelli d’Italia.” It is always a joy to welcome new people to our ranks, in this case happiness is double for the value of the person “this is the welcome of Davide Parodi. Maria Grazia Frijia, councilor of La Spezia, prosedue:” Brothers of Italy is a party that is growing steadily and is rooted in the territory “

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