Weather, intense heat wave over Italy: hot June 20

Weather, intense heat wave over Italy: hot June 20
Weather, intense heat wave over Italy: hot June 20

Intense heat on Italy Sunday due to the presence of the North African Anti-cyclone. The heat will reach his apex in the Center-North and in Sardinia, while it will continue to intensify further in the southern regions and in Sicily, where a further increase in temperatures is confirmed in the first days of next week. The threshold of 40 degrees it will probably be reached this weekend in Sardinia and between Monday and Tuesday in Sicily. The weather on Saturday will generally be sunny, with short episodes of instability mostly in the alpine areas, where the risk of temporal it will be more pronounced in the second part of Sunday, with some showers that could also go into the plains in the North-West; between Sunday and Monday in fact one disturbance Atlantic crossing over central Europe will get closer to our northern regions, thanks to a weakening of the anticyclone.

Weather forecast for Sunday 20 June

Sunday in the morning clouds increasing in the North-West, with some showers or thunderstorms in the Western Alps, Valle d’Aosta and Lombardy Alps; clear or partly cloudy elsewhere. In the afternoon cloudiness scattered in much of the north, in Sardinia and in the central Apennines; rains and temporal they become more widespread in the Alps and in the Pre-Alps, up to and including the nearby lowland areas of Piedmont. Still mostly sunny in the rest of the country.

Hot increasing since the beginning of the day; maximum afternoon temperatures slightly decreasing in the Alps, Piedmont and western Sardinia. Ventilated in the North-West and on the upper Adriatic; moderate southerly winds in the middle Tyrrhenian.

Weather forecast for Monday 21st June

Monday will be a day stable e sunny in the center-south, on Sicily and Sardinia, on the lower Po Valley and on the coasts of the upper Adriatic. In the rest of the major country cloudiness with risk of showers e temporal on the Alps with possible encroachments on the Piedmontese plain. Maximum temperatures rising with values over 35 degrees in the center-south. Slightly decreasing values ​​in the Northwest and Sardinia. Sirocco on the Tyrrhenian and upper Adriatic.


Weather intense heat wave Italy hot June

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