Drugs in ambulances to evade anticovid controls: 8 arrests

Drugs in ambulances to evade anticovid controls: 8 arrests
Drugs in ambulances to evade anticovid controls: 8 arrests

MESSINA – Narcotraffic in full pandemic also using ambulances to evade controls. It was vanquished by the Messina finance police – with the collaboration of the Scico di Roma – a criminal organization that operated between Sicily, Lazio and Abruzzo. At the disposal of the Peloritana Public Prosecutor’s Office, 8 people were arrested, accused in various ways of criminal association aimed at trafficking and dealing in drugs.

Evade the red zone

Seized 65 kg of marijuana in the “Red Drug” operation. Despite the restrictions foreseen during the lockdown period, when everyone was barred from moving to the “red zone” – hence the name of the operation – the investigated subjects moved undisturbed, transporting and distributing important batches of drugs. In addition to making use of the usual methods of communication masking, they cynically exploited the emergency phase and the frequent presence, for that period, of ambulances crossing the streets of the cities. Promoters and organizers were found to be an offender from Messina, considered contiguous to the Spartà mafia clan from Messina, and two from Catania, close to the Nizza family, part of the Santapaola-Ercolano mafia clan from Catania. With them three drug couriers who took care of the procurement and distribution, in Abruzzo and Sicily, of drugs, in particular marijuana, supplied by a 61-year-old of Messina origins but domiciled in Rome.

The investigations

The investigations, directed by the Messina District Anti-Mafia Directorate, made it possible to reconstruct all the phases of illicit trafficking: from planning the supply to the transfer of three loads of drugs, one of which was destined for Pescara and two for Sicily. The delivery of a first shipment of about 25 kilograms of drugs destined for Pescara has been reconstructed, in favor of a prominent member of the well-known Pescara Spinelli clan, of Roma ethnicity. The game had been procured by two Sicilians and transported by the organization’s couriers. A second load, of about 30 kilograms, was delivered to Messina. On both occasions, an ambulance, referable to a non-profit organization in Messina, was used to transport the two drug loads – in Pescara and Messina. In the second load, having no news of the courier and assuming that he had fled with the load, the members of the gang have expressed their intention to retaliate against the family.

“We kill the family”

“We kill the family directly … we go up and shake it”, they said. “That it has occurred to him that you could sell that thing and he runs away with the money … We kill his mother, his sister, his children, his wife”. A fortnight later, again according to what was reconstructed by the yellow flames, the Sicilian drug traffickers organized a third shipment of about 35 kg of marijuana, again to be delivered to Sicily and subjected to seizure upon landing at the Tremestieri commercial port in Messina.
Today’s operation, in addition to repressing a lucrative drug trafficking on the Rome-Pescara-Messina axis, has documented “a consolidated and stable criminal link” between the Spinelli clan (related to the Romans Casamonica and Spada) and members of the clans Sicilians Sparta ‘and Santapaola-Ercolano.

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