Rome waste, landfill in Albano: the plan against the emergency

Temporary landfills to be reactivated or expanded between Albano, Civitavecchia and Roccasecca. An intelligent, new generation Tmb, capable of transforming a greater portion of waste into fuel to make energy, minimizing processing waste to be put underground. Ad hoc rules and legal instruments to facilitate commissioners and make new sites available. In addition to the outlets – that is the very expensive journeys of hope – already announced in the plants of Abruzzo, Campania, Marche, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Puglia which will cost Lazio taxpayers 8 million euros more. The plan to get out of the waste emergency in Rome is taking shape, which the Minister for Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, announced in recent days and which should be presented as early as next Monday. But a knot remains open, or rather the knot: that is, whether Roma Capitale will indicate a space for a landfill in its territory or it will go towards the repeatedly feared commissioner of the Capitol by the Lazio Region. All while the bins in the city are overflowing with bags and the candidate of the Center-right at the Capitol, Enrico Michetti, proposes mini-landfills and temporary environmental islands in the capital to avoid new emergencies.

Yesterday the Metropolitan City of Rome completed the mapping of the white areas where a basin for the spill can be placed: today it will be sent to the technicians of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and those of the Region, but as it transpires no suitable sites have been identified (i.e. distant from homes, schools or aquifers) in the Eternal City, giving support to the no of the Municipality. Looking at the other pieces of the puzzle, on the government-Region-Municipality axis – we are working to unlock temporary landfills far from Rome, also because that of Civitavecchia will run out in a month and that of Viterbo (where Ama’s suppliers will send the materials to at the end of June) in six months.
With this in mind, we look at Manlio Cerroni’s house and at the Albano landfill, which the king of Monnezza shot at Ecoambiente. The basin is at a standstill because a Tmb burned a few years ago was needed. The entrepreneur and the residents have to be convinced, but to activate the site just change the authorization, no longer connected to the old Tmb. Meanwhile, even after a meeting between Minister Cingolani and the head of the Interior Ministry, Luciana Lamorgese – the legal instruments would be ready to unlock the authorization for the fifth basin in Roccasecca, in the Frosinone area. Its owner Valter Lozza, under house arrest after the investigation by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office on the authorization for the Monte Carnevale site, withdrew the request to obtain the extension. Since Lozza has not lapsed after the investigation and his company (the Mad) cannot be commissioned, we are moving towards an expropriation or requisition measure in use for public service on input from the Ministry of the Interior. It goes without saying that there will be many disputes. But the same tool could also be used to authorize an expansion of the Fosso Crepacuore landfill in Viterbo in the coming months, and also owned by Mad.

Santa Palomba

There will also be room for innovation in Cingolani’s plan. In its industrial plan, Ama has included a new 540,000-ton Tmb, which the sole administrator Stefano Zaghis does not rule out building in Santa Palomba, near Pomezia. There is a plant of no different size, but more linked to the concept of multi-material also in the Lazio waste plan. The idea would be to combine the two, to create a structure capable of transforming more undifferentiated waste not only into Css (which is burned in incinerators) but also into biofuels or hydrogen. This would reduce the use of landfills for processing waste.

Friday 18 June 2021, 00:41


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