“Quaquaraquà”, “Pagliacciata”: Fight on TV between Rizzo and Calenda

“Quaquaraquà”, “Pagliacciata”: Fight on TV between Rizzo and Calenda
“Quaquaraquà”, “Pagliacciata”: Fight on TV between Rizzo and Calenda

Tense air ad 1920s, the Rai2 program returned to air in summer format in the late evening. In the episode among the guests there were Carlo Calenda, candidate for mayor in Rome with Action! is Marco Rizzo, general secretary of the Communist Party. At first, Il Tempo reported that the PC secretary accepted the invitation to the program but Calenda at that point would have declined the invitation to confront Rizzo. But Calenda, who knows certain mechanisms well, after having sensed the intention of the secretary of the PC to make the fact known to the press, had backtracked, agreeing to be in the studio with Marco Rizzo.

Given these premises, the climate in the 1920s study could only be incandescent and in fact the tones between the two were immediately those of a clash. The spark that started the real discussion was the move on the role of Europe in the redundancy block. Rizzo was the first to report his thoughts: “Europe is stepmother. Italy is full of small and medium-sized enterprises which are the backbone of our country’s employment. Then there is Amazon, the state could make a profit-free public platform that allows all small merchants to do the same things as Amazon and avoid giving Mr. Bezos 44 billion in revenues and zero taxes.“. Marco Rizzo does not consider them”Bolshevik things“and considers its immediate application plausible.

Carlo Calenda replied, feeling part of this discourse: “I hate Amazon. I asked for tax several times and when they tried to put the electronic bracelet on the workers I kicked them in the ass“. But after a first moment in which it seemed that the two were running on the same track, here is the turn of Calenda:”This thing where matters are resolved with the state doing everything is laughable. The state already has problems with the health care in Calabria which is a disaster, in Puglia as well, do you put it to Amazon?“. The fire broke out from a spark.”This happens because politics is submissive. It is a state that does quaquaraquà. Inept politicians servants of Brussels“, Rizzo replied, forcing the presenter to intervene to lower the tone, now too bright.

The last word, however, was from Carlo Calenda: “Marco you are a more serious person than this antics, I think with my head and gods diktat I don’t give a damn about Brussels. But you can’t say that with the Italian school falling apart, the State has to do Amazon. What are you saying“. Rizzo’s reply was immediate:”Then cuddle up Dragons“. Equally pungent that of Calenda:”In fact, I was very happy to cook it“.


Quaquaraquà Pagliacciata Fight Rizzo Calenda

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