“Eriksen? In Europe we play, in Italy we are much more severe”

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 17 – “In Europe you play with an implanted defibrillator, there is Daley Blind what the European is doing. But in Italy we are much more careful and strict in granting sports fitness. “Professor Enrico Castellacci, world champion national doctor in 2006 and now president of football doctors, he has doubts about the possibility that Christian Eriksen can play in Italy, after the cardiac arrest suffered in the field and the decision to implant him an ICD. “Premise: I do not know the diagnosis, and we can speak only in theory – explains to Ansa Castellacci – The implantation of an ICD is right, I would say a duty for those who have had an arrhythmia like yours. It will be necessary to understand what the pathology is, but going to the field with a subcutaneous defibrillator exposes you to risks. A volley or a tackle can disable a mechanism that intervenes with an electric shock in the event of cardiac arrest “.

“I hope – he continues – that the precise diagnosis and cardiological protocols for suitability can clarify. But I repeat, in Italy we are much more careful than the rest of the world in granting athletic fitness, and I don’t know if the conscience or the medical rationale they will be able to answer these doubts, of which the player must also be well aware: four minutes before he was lost, a minute later he will evaluate whether he can play again … ” (HANDLE).



Eriksen Europe play Italy severe

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