Towards the Raffaello exhibition in progress restoration Banner for the Cinquecentenario

Towards the Raphael Exhibition: the restoration of the banner for the Cinquecentenario of the painter from Urbino is underway

In progress in the Raffaello room of the Municipal Art Gallery of Città di Castello the restoration of the Processional banner of the Holy Trinity, the first to be signed by Raffaello, the only one that remained in the city.

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Two young people perform the surgery restauratrici dell’National Institute of Restoration, Sabrina Sottile and Maria Cristina Lanza, who are working on the basis of a “virtual restoration designed within the institute activity that we put into practice to restore an overall vision of the Banner without interpreting the work, with great respect also for the time elapsed and the devotional use for which the Banner was painted, ”he says Sabrina Sottile. “There are gaps on which it is possible to intervene while keeping intact all the original characteristics of the painting and others which are now the work and which must remain documented. The canvas, even if tried by the centuries, is in good condition and certainly after the restoration it will allow to appreciate even elements that are not evident at the moment “.

The technique used to restore Raphael is called “vertical hatching,” he explains Maria Cristina Lanza “It allows you to leave a trace of the intervention at a close distance but at the same time from the distance at which the visitor is usually kept, it will guarantee the best possible overview”. “It is very exciting for those who do our work to intervene on a work of a great world art like Raphael, a privilege that does not happen often. Furthermore, in this youthful banner we can already glimpse all the elements of Raphael’s mature art, the hand that painted it is very happy and this makes the responsibility for the restoration even more demanding ”.

The Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Città di Castello Vincenzo Tofanelli, visiting the restoration site, he underlined “the expectation that is developing with respect to the exhibition Young Raphael and his gaze, scheduled from 18 September 2021 to January 2022 in the Tifernate Art Gallery, curated by Marika Mercalli e Laura Teza, during which it will be possible to deepen Raphael’s first steps. The aim is to offer tourists and tifernati an interesting exhibition which can also benefit from the attractiveness of the area on a permanent basis. The realizations inside the museum and the structural improvements will in fact be permanent, such as the new entrance and parts of the installations. The exhibition from this point of view in addition to symbolic value of the restart it will have the concrete advantage of shaping the Renaissance identity of the city and the Pinacoteca ”.

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