“Pd offensive, illegality so legitimate”

“Pd offensive, illegality so legitimate”
“Pd offensive, illegality so legitimate”

If the actions of those who illegally occupy a property are endorsed, the institutions have lost from the start. The Democratic Party was wrong to make an illegally occupied building the symbol from which to start for the relaunch of Rome. It is not good politics, but it means making fun of honest citizens.
Yesterday a questionable show was staged: the first confrontation between center-left candidates was held at the Spin Time, in via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, in a occupied building illegally for 9 years.
A radical chic sitting room was staged in the center of a stage and in front of a dimly lit audience. It’s a distant image from people’s real life.

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Evidently it was not a case but a deliberate choice of field: Gualtieri has raised a place that does not represent the application of law and legality as a symbol of its own electoral campaign. One cannot always be accommodating but it is necessary to give serious answers: sometimes, the task of the administrator also involves firmness precisely to protect the weakest and those who respect the rules. It was a show that offends citizens who pay their mortgages, their bills and deal with the problems and expenses of a home every day, without having preferential channels or shortcuts.

Is it plausible for those who are candidates to lead an institution to legitimize forms of illegality? The duty of anyone who administers a city is to guarantee the legality and the protection of rights at the same time. This is exactly how I have acted in these 5 years: when the Prefecture carried out evictions a Roma we have always safeguarded the frailties.
Gualtieri gave the Romans a distorted image. There is a difference between those who carry out social activities to protect our community and those who decide to occupy a property without being entitled to it. The objective of a mayor must be to reconcile the respect and protection of the right to private and public property with the safeguarding of culturally or socially useful activities that must continue in the wake, it is clear, of legality.
I sent those who had no right to occupy them from the houses owned by the municipality; and I gave them to those who regularly waited on the basis of the assignment ranking.

Especially in this emergency period, citizens, businesses, traders, small and medium-sized enterprises have borne the weight of the crisis without claiming what is not automatically due. In this context, the Administration had and still has a very specific role, of fundamental importance: it has implemented a series of measures to support citizens and entrepreneurs in this moment of particular emergency. I am thinking of the Revolving Fund for Microcredit: we have allocated 3 million euros for those who do not have bank guarantees and want to start their own business. Whoever manages to get up will return those resources to the Fund which will thus finance itself.
This really helps those who need the support of the institutions.

* Mayor of Rome

Thursday June 17, 2021, 12:06 am



offensive illegality legitimate

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