Italy-Switzerland 3-0, two goals from Locatelli and Immobile: the Azzurri are already in the second round

Italy-Switzerland 3-0, two goals from Locatelli and Immobile: the Azzurri are already in the second round
Italy-Switzerland 3-0, two goals from Locatelli and Immobile: the Azzurri are already in the second round

Another 3-0, another performance of thickness, pleasant in the offensive phase and hermetic when the ball is between the feet of the opponents. L’Italy of Roberto Mancini also buries the Switzerland after Turkey, conquers the eighths and Sunday will be played against Wales first place in group A. It is a great Italy, which controls the game and sinks as soon as it can on the flanks, but in the end it gets the best of it with the insertions of the central midfielders. The proof is all in the brace of Manuel Locatelli, dominator: it is he who starts and ends the 1-0 action in collaboration with Berardi, it is he who doubles at 52 ‘with a super sinister from outside. The trio signs it Ciro Immobile two minutes from the end with a right to turn from a distance. In between, there are only the Azzurri: Switzerland suffers and never manages to become dangerous, if not with Zuber after over an hour.

After the first minutes of the game in the hands of the Swiss, the blues take the pace and pitch. Jorginho dictate the times, Spinazzola left drunk Mbabu and Berardi on the other side is always a thorn in his side. At 19 ‘it would already be 1-0 thanks to the left by Chiellini on the developments of a corner kick, but the Where nullifies the advantage for a touch of the blue captain’s hand. The flash of the Juventus defender is the last of his game, because 5 minutes later he is forced to leave the field for a thigh problem. Losing it could be a backlash for the defensive balance, instead with the entry of Acerbi Italy does not break down. Indeed, not even the time to realize the goodbye of the captain and it is an advantage. Locatelli in the midfield circle opens for Berardi on the right and follows the action by throwing himself headlong into the penalty area. The teammate in Sassuolo crosses and he overtakes Sommer. Film library action, deserved advantage. The blues get galvanized and with Spinazzola and Immobile he could already find the double before the interval.

It is only a matter of time, also because Switzerland does not exist, thanks to the blue wall that never allows the Swiss midfielders to find a meter of space to operate Embolo. Petkovic leaves Sefrenovic in the changing rooms for Gabranovic, which will only be noticed for one yellow card. Italy, on the other hand, continues to grind kilometres e show. And at the 52nd he doubles again, again with Locatelli: this time the former Milan player hits from the edge of the area. Her low shot leaves no way out for Sommer, who can only see her end up on the net. The reaction of Switzerland is weak (a tiraccio of Shaqiri, the only parade of Donnarumma on Zuber) while the Azzurri slow down rhythm but they continue to hurt the Swiss rear guard with quick restarts. Immobile he devours the trio twice, then 3 minutes from the end he finds the seven with a right from outside the box. They score six goals in two games, almost a clean sheet a thousand minutes and 29th consecutive profit. The round of 16 is already a reality, the first place a two-way issue with Wales, against which a draw is enough. The other certainty is that the Mancini band has fun and it is beautiful. Waiting to see her against even more consistent opponents, that’s fine.


91 ‘- IT’S OVER!
Italy is in the second round with a new 3-0. On Sunday 20, against Wales, the Azzurri will play for first place in Group A.

On the third attempt Immobile hits the mark: right from outside the Lazio center forward, Sommer (not flawless) does not get there. And Italy drops another three of a kind after the debut against Turkey.

85′ – Two other changes for Italy: Mancini inserts Cristante and Pessina for Barella and Locatelli, who receives the standing ovation of the Olimpico.

78′ – Harsh intervention by Embolo on Barella, who remains on the ground in pain. Bad twisting of the midfielder’s ankle, but he gets up and starts playing again. Yellow for the Swiss striker.

75′ – The blues still close to 3-0: Chiesa’s central acceleration that serves Immobile on the edge of the offside, but the biancoceleste tip still makes mistakes in a similar way to the occasion a few minutes earlier.

73′ – Italy still dangerous: Bonucci directly from a free kick bypasses the midfield and defense of Switzerland and finds Immobile on the left. The Lazio striker focuses and kicks right around, but the conclusion is wide.

69′ – Mancini changes: outside Insigne for Chiesa and inside Toloi instead of Berardi. The Azzurri also adapt the form with the Atalanta defender who will make the third defense.

64′ – Double chance Switzerland! The Swiss raise the pace and try to put Italy’s defense in difficulty (for the first time). Percussion from right to left and close shot by Zuber on which Donnarumma is attentive, then makes an encore on the Swiss attempt to put her back in the center.

60′ – Switzerland tries to react after an hour of play dominated by Italy: Shaqiri insertion on a pass from Gabranovic, but the former Inter shoots high from the edge of the area.

57′ – Double change for Switzerland: Petkovic inserts the former Udinese Widmer for Mbabu and Zuber for Schar.

Another great action of Italy leads to the doubling signed again by Locatelli. The Sassuolo midfielder’s double is the daughter of a percussion by Berardi on the right, born from a first-rate action. When the former Milan receives at the limit in a central position he kicks with a low left. Sommer can do nothing.

49′ – First warning of the match: Gabranovic late on Bonucci and Karasev waves the yellow.

IT BEGINS AGAIN – The teams return to the field at the Olimpico. There is Gabranovic in place of Sefrenovic.

END OF FIRST HALF – Italy led 1-0 with Locatelli’s goal in the 25th minute, the result of a cinematic action started by the Sassuolo midfielder. The Azzurri dominated the first 45 minutes, finding a first goal in the 19th with Chiellini, then canceled by the Var for a touch with the arm. Five minutes later the blue captain was forced to leave the field due to a thigh problem (Acerbi in his place). Italy has put the defense of Switzerland in great difficulty, in particular Mbabu on the left. Swiss never dangerous.

42′ – Italy again: Insigne’s verticalization for the cut of Immobile that comes face to face with Sommer and tries a cross shot rejected by the Swiss goalkeeper

37′ – Another opportunity for the Azzurri, who when they relax on the counterattack put Switzerland in crisis: Spinazzola flies alone towards Sommer, but kicks badly with his right foot

33′ – Italy still dangerous from the left! Mbabu undergoes the blue maneuver and after a first intervention by Sommer on Spinazzola, Insigne collects the short rebound and tries the right to turn from inside the area but the red-cross defense blocks the conclusion.

30′ – Italy safe and dominant until now. Switzerland has never committed Donnarumma, while the Azzurri – always keeping the ball in the game – have already created several chances and force the Swiss to lock themselves up in their own half.

The Sassuolo midfielder does everything, opening left from the midfield circle for Berardi and running for 40 meters waiting for his teammate to cross in the middle: perfect insertion and 1-0 for Italy

24′ – Left thigh problems for Chiellini, the Italian captain forced to leave the field. In its place comes Acerbi.

19′ – CANCELED! Chiellini with the header had given the Azzurri the advantage on the development of a corner kick, but the Var canceled the goal of the Italian captain for a touch with his arm.


13′ – Italy presses with high pressure and density in midfield to then let off steam on the flanks, pushing with Berardi and Spinazzola. Good start for the Azzurri.

10′ – Opportunity for Italy! Spinazzola sinks to the left jumping Mbabu and crosses: Immobile with his head sends her over the crossbar.

9′ – After the first few minutes of greater offensive presence, Italy is now holding the ball in the maneuver and Switzerland is waiting for the Azzurri in their own trocar.

5′ – Berardi is the most active of the Azzurri: the Sassuolo striker on the left has already been dangerous on two occasions so far.

3′ – Switzerland starts trying to keep the ball in the game, blues ready to restart. The first lunge is by Berardi, walls with a Swiss defense.

1′ – Kick-off of referee Sergey Karasev.

If part – Teams on the pitch and national anthems. On the stands 16 thousand spectators, the maximum possible with the anti-Covid rules. Many spectators are of Swiss nationality.

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