New black smoke on the candidate of the center-right in Milan

New black smoke on the candidate of the center-right in Milan
New black smoke on the candidate of the center-right in Milan

AGI – The day of center right closes with the formalization of a new ticket, after the Michetti-Matone one, launched last week, for the Capitol. The Forza Italia group leader in the Chamber Roberto Occhiuto will be candidate for the presidency of the Calabria Region, paired with the Northern League Nino Spirlì, vice candidate.

Instead it is again ‘black smoke’ from the leaders’ summit on the nominations of Milan, Bologna and Naples: three nodes postponed to next week. There are those who announce a new summit on Thursday at 3 pm, even if Matteo Salvini denies that the summons have started.

They are Naples the ‘no’ of the public prosecutor is considered surmountable Catello Maresca to the lists with party symbols, a Bologna the outcome of the center-left primaries is expected and a ‘new entry’ appears in the shortlist, Ilaria Giorgetti, which, proposed by Forza Italia, is added to the names of Fabio Battistini and Roberto Mugavero.

The real knot remains Milano, where Salvini wants to propose another ticket with – it is the only certainty – with Gabriele Albertini deputy candidate. Today the former mayor of the Lombard capital explained, in an interview with Corriere della sera, that he had given his “support” to the candidacy of Oscar di Montigny, Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Value Strategy Officer of Banca Mediolanum and son-in-law of Ennio Doris. As it stands, Di Montigny is favored and is expected to meet in the next few days Giorgia Meloni and the other exponents of the center-right. But it is not excluded that Brothers of Italy may propose another name. Salvini clarified that all candidates “will be civic” and therefore effectively excluded from the race Maurizio Lupi (it seems that the ‘niet’ on the name of the NcI president is a condition imposed by Albertini).

Another unsolved problem in the coalition, which would not have been discussed, however, during the summit, is that of federation. Salvini continues to push for the cooperation project between the center-right parties that support the government, as much as he shuns, at least in the short term, that of single party, relaunched yesterday by Silvio Berlusconi. Behind the tranchant reaction of the Northern League leader at the exit of the Knight (the single party “serves no one, no political games”, he cut short) there is the fear that Berlusconi is upping the ante and trying to buy time. Talking about a possible merger project complicates Salvini’s path, even from an internal point of view within his party, towards the federation. “No one in the League wants a single party”, explains the federal secretariat, “our project is clear, it can start immediately, and involves collaboration, not merger”.

And while in FdI we keep ourselves out of any federation project, seen as the union of two weaknesses, the doubts in the moderate wing of FI.

“The idea of ​​a center-right federation has never convinced me. I think it’s difficult for voters to understand,” says the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, among the most skeptical, together with her colleague Mara Carfagna. “I believe in a strong alliance, which must remain plural. FI plays an important role in aggregating the moderate and liberal liberal wing”. “Berlusconi’s idea is that of a large republican party and he has also opened up to Meloni. Berlusconi’s suggestion – Gelmini points out – is important but must be open to all forces of the center right. We continue to support the Draghi government. Single party or federation? At the moment I see both of them complicated “.

“Nobody talked about merger, Berlusconi is a federator, he gave a vision of the center-right of the future”, emphasizes, instead, the national coordinator of Forza Italia. Antonio Tajani, speaking with a group of journalists in Brussels, from where he connected by video conference and participated in the center-right summit. “It is an idea that Berlusconi has been cultivating for a long time – he clarified -, it is a strong message to Italy: a message of hope, for Italy, which must be governed by the Center-right. So no cancellation of Forza Italia. , no disappearances, no mergers but a vision of the future of a center-right that must be able to govern our country in the next twenty years “. “Forza Italia – he concluded – is gaining momentum, we must give a shock to the center-right. Winning is not enough, we must also govern, be credible, representative, in Europe and in the world”.

In Milan, Tajani continued, “we want to choose a civic candidate who broadens the boundaries of the center-right and if this is not possible we will see what the solutions can be. The important thing is to win and govern. So it’s not a question of running against time. Identifying the mayor of Milan is not the easiest thing in the world. We are working “.

Forza Italia, meanwhile, celebrates Occhiuto’s candidacy in the Region that will go to the vote after the sudden death of the Italian governor Jole Santelli. “Excellent entrepreneur and our talented group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Occhiuto is the candidate of the center-right at the helm of the Calabria Region – he held to announce Berlusconi with a post on Facebook -. He will be able not only to win the elections, but also to govern well a beautiful region, which has many unexpressed potential. I can’t wait to go back to Calabria to make my contribution. Come on, Roberto. Come on Calabria “.

Now, for FI, the game of the election of the new group leader to the Chamber has begun, for which Valentino Valentini is in the running. But nothing is taken for granted.

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