Italy-Switzerland 3-0: it’s too early to dream, but it’s hard not to. From Berardi to Locatelli, all the bets won by Mancini

Italy-Switzerland 3-0: it’s too early to dream, but it’s hard not to. From Berardi to Locatelli, all the bets won by Mancini
Italy-Switzerland 3-0: it’s too early to dream, but it’s hard not to. From Berardi to Locatelli, all the bets won by Mancini

Against the little one Turkey it had been the night of the onset, of emotions of the fans, of the goals of Immobile e Badge. Against the modest Switzerland is the night of the “ItalSassuolo“. Of Manuel Locatelli, a bit by chance in this national team due to the absences of Verratti e Pilgrims, but not too much, now a real player, author of one sensational shotgun for a midfielder, for a boy who until now had not played a minute in theEurope that matters. But also of Domenico Berardi, predestined that he remained in the province and now seems to have really reached the maturity, after all he is still only 26 years old. The result does not change: Italy wins again atOlimpico, still 3-0, already detaching the pass for the eighths of final of Euro 2021.

It’s early for to dream given the caliber of the opponents met so far, but this one team it already does. You can see how he plays, what he believes in it and theenthusiasm that surrounds it. It is the great merit of Roberto Mancini, recognized for some time, perhaps even too soon. Once upon a time there was the black and white block of “ItalJuve”. Today the axis on which the national builds the round victory against the Swiss comes from Sassuolo. And this is a recognition for the work he has done in recent years there Emilian company and his former coach From Zerbi, but also for the coach, who collects his income betting. And Berardi is more than anyone, few would have given him the owner Europeans. But the winning team does not change and after the debut more than positive Mancini reconfirm everyone, including Of Lorenzo that he had done so much good in place of Florenzi in the right lane.

Opposite this time there is Switzerland, which does not openly give up playing like the Turkey, presents three players attack and the intention to offend. Then really succeeding is another story. Also because the national she is even more beautiful and evil, perhaps freed from the pressures of her debut, completely convinced of her own means. With Stretcher that devours the field, Spinazzola that always jumps the man and makes the difference. After a couple of minutes Immobile puts his head high, in the quarter of an hour the game would already be unlocked but the Var cancels the network in the scrum of Chiellini for a hand ball (then he will have to go out due to injury). It is a question of minutes. The advantage is the photocopy of the first goal against Turkey, a sign that this team has a deep identity: usually tear of Berardi, irresistible on the right, this time on his cross instead of the own goal comes the tap-in of Locatelli.

When the game opens up further, in shy attempts of the Swiss, the blue trident goes to a wedding in counterattack. At the end of the first half the statistic says 7 shots to 1: numbers from dominatrix. The recovery seems and is really a formality. The dribble from behind, with Jorginho in directing, it works perfectly. Free with disarming ease still Locatelli shooting from the edge of the area, which summer does not even try to parry. At 2-0 it is almost academy. While the azzurri they look for the trio they will find Immobile eventually, Switzerland comes up to Donnarumma, forcing him to the first real parade of the tournament. Also Mancini he allows himself to experiment: with fool instead of Berardi we move on to the three-man defense, a tactical variant that may come in handy later in the tournament. Because the time has already come to look forward. Better than Turkey, Switzerland was still a small thing, if you think that it still relies on the old Shaqiri, Rodriguez, Seferovic, all passed without too much luck from Serie A, oa Jaca, inexplicable object of the desire of the Roma in this transfer market. Remains the Wales, in the last match of the group that is worth the first place, not yet mathematician: a draw Sunday in the last match of the group and at the Olimpico. Let’s enjoy these nights magical. One still remains in Rome. Then it will start to get serious.

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