Camilla Canepa, today the funeral in Sestri Levante. Autopsy confirms cerebral hemorrhage

Camilla Canepa, today the funeral in Sestri Levante. Autopsy confirms cerebral hemorrhage
Camilla Canepa, today the funeral in Sestri Levante. Autopsy confirms cerebral hemorrhage

In the afternoon the funeral ceremony. City mourning was proclaimed for the Ligurian municipality in the province of Genoa. Investigators met with the young woman’s family to shed light on the clinical picture. Meanwhile, the autopsy confirmed the death from cerebral haemorrhage, but further tests are awaited to verify the triggering cause. All the doctors who have had anything to do with the girl will be heard


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The funeral of Camilla Canepa, the young 18-year-old who died of a thrombosis 16 days after receiving a dose of AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid-19 vaccine during an open-day organized by the Liguria Region, will be celebrated this afternoon in Sestri Levante. City mourning in the municipality in the province of Genoa. Meanwhile, the investigation continues to clarify the still obscure points of the story and to reconstruct the young woman’s clinical history. The autopsy confirmed death from cerebral haemorrhage.

Funeral and city mourning

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The ceremony will be celebrated this afternoon, at 4 pm, in the church of S. Antonio in Sestri Levante, the same where both communion and confirmation of Canepa took place. For the Ligurian town it will be a day of mourning. Mayor Valentina Ghio explains: “I asked all citizens for a minute of silence at 12. We also asked the trade associations, at their discretion, to lower the shutters, the flags of the public offices will be at half mast”. The girl’s family asked that the funeral ceremony remain a private moment, without the participation of newspaper and television reporters.

Reconstruct the clinical picture

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One of the points on which to shed some more light is the clinical picture of the girl. Yesterday’s meeting between the prosecutors of Genoa, Francesca Rombolà and Stefano Puppo, and the girl’s parents focused on this. The autopsy performed yesterday confirmed the death from brain haemorrhage, but has not yet clarified what specifically caused it. The consultants will proceed with histological examinations. What the prosecutors are trying to figure out is whether or not the girl suffered from an autoimmune disease. According to initial information, Camilla would not have noted in the pre-vaccination anamnestic sheet that she suffered from autoimmune thrombocytopenia, a disease that was instead reported in the sheet of the first admission that took place on June 3 at the Lavagna hospital. The young woman may have told doctors that someone in the family had suffered from the problem in the past. The family has always said that the girl was fine and yesterday provided investigators with the blood tests of her daughter in 2014. All the doctors who have had to deal with the student will be heard, from those at the vaccination hub to the health workers of the hospital. San Martino hospital in Genoa, where the girl died despite two surgeries. In addition to the San Martino staff, the prosecutors will also hear the girl’s doctor and her gynecologist, who a couple of days after the vaccine had prescribed some drugs to treat an ovarian cyst problem.

The hospitalizations

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The investigators’ effort will also focus on the young woman’s hospitalizations, starting from the first. On June 3, Canepa arrived at the Lavagna hospital complaining of a severe headache and photosensitivity. Controls also confirmed thrombocytopenia. The following day, after a non-contrasting CT scan, she was discharged. The situation worsened starting from June 5, when – during the night – the student returned to the emergency room of the Lavagna hospital, from where she was immediately transferred to the Policlinico of the Ligurian capital.

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Camilla Canepa today funeral Sestri Levante Autopsy confirms cerebral hemorrhage

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