Rome: Campidoglio, new cycling routes – Lazio

Rome: Campidoglio, new cycling routes – Lazio
Rome: Campidoglio, new cycling routes – Lazio

Raggi, a project is combined with the idea of ​​widespread sustainable mobility

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 16 – New cycling routes in the marginal areas of Roma Capitale, in the Agro Romano, parks and nature reserves, unique signage for all itineraries, and an interactive map for tourists and citizens. This is what is foreseen by a memorandum approved by the Capitoline Council in which departments and offices are asked to identify existing routes and new routes to promote sustainable tourism in the marginal areas of the Municipality of Rome, in connection with the city cycle network and pedestrian existing or under construction. In a second phase, the establishment of a digital platform is envisaged that includes the entire network of pedestrian and cycling areas and an interactive map of the routes with the indication of all the sites of cultural and tourist interest.

“This project fits perfectly with our idea of ​​sustainable mobility spread throughout the territory of Roma Capitale and is part of our plan to redevelop and make the banks of the Tiber river usable through cycle paths and pedestrian paths”, declares the mayor Virginia Raggi. (HANDLE).


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Rome Campidoglio cycling routes Lazio

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