Municipal in Milan, still black smoke on the center-right candidate. In pole position remains of Montigny

In the center-right, new postponement on the choice of candidate for mayor for Milan. Matteo Salvini insists on Oscar di Montigny, but Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy express doubts and the centrists say no to Gabriele Albertini as deputy. The green light will come only after a meeting between the manager of Banca Mediolanum and all the parties of the coalition. Nothing to do for the candidate for Bologna and Naples while the yes arrives for Calabria for the Occhiuto-Spirlì ticket. The rest is postponed to Thursday 24.


Municipal elections 2021, Sala’s electoral lunge: “With a smile we will respond blow for blow”

by Alessia Gallione

June 13, 2021

That the outcome of the meeting in the room of the Montecitorio groups was uncertain was already understood from the words of Matteo Salvini. When the leader of the League had declared on his arrival: “As for the candidacies, as we found the team very nice last week, I expect to find it soon for all the municipalities that have remained open. Even Milan? All, I don’t know if today, I say within the week “.

Perhaps also for this reason, before the summit, a certain skepticism had leaked from the loyalists of Lupi. “We risk not deciding anything”. While Forza Italia with Licia Ronzulli seemed more confident when he reached the top. So much to declare: “We are confident of resolving. We expect a good announcement on Calabria and other cities”. Because “unlike the center-left, the center-right is united in all cities”. Fratelli d’Italia, on the other hand, would have been neutral. The vice president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa had not ruled out that for Milan the option could also have been “a ticket with a political candidate for mayor”. But it is equally true that Giorgia Meloni’s party had already achieved what it wanted with Enrico Michetti’s candidacy in Rome.

Comunali 2021 in Milan, Oscar di Montigny: “My dimensional leap looking at UN ideas”

by Andrea Montanari

June 13, 2021

In pole position would remain the hypothesis of nominating Oscar di Montigny to challenge the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala in the administrative elections in the autumn, but Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy would oppose Gabriele Albertini as deputy. We will therefore have to wait a few more days to find out if Montigny will accept the challenge and have the go-ahead from the center-right. In the end, the hypothesis of nominating an exponent of civil society as Matteo Salvini had asked for Milan from the beginning would therefore prevail. Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy acknowledged that the option of nominating a political exponent, the former minister Maurizio Lupi, in the name of the federation or the single party that both Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi are working on, was not feasible. But they would have expressed reservations on the hypothesis that Montigny’s deputy could be Albertini. The former mayor of Milan from 1997 to 2006, who after having renounced the candidacy, had given his willingness to run as deputy and present a civic list if the candidate for mayor of the center-right under the Madonnina was to his liking. An indirect way to sabotage the hypothesis of nominating the former CL minister Lupi. But some object that Albertini would be a better known name than the possible candidate for mayor. So the meeting turned into a tug-of-war over him. “I understand that a candidate for mayor can put conditions on his possible deputy – a long-time center-right exponent would have argued during the summit – but that those who refused the candidacy do so is not acceptable. We have never seen”. Not to mention that if we prefer civic candidates, Albertini has been a politician for years now – another exponent of the center-right would have added.

Mayor wanted. Because no one wants to do the “most beautiful job” anymore

by Alessia Gallione

June 11, 2021

Now, the center-right remains hanging on the reserve that Oscar di Montigny has not yet dissolved, before consulting his family. In an interview with Repubblica, the director of innovation, sustainability and value strategy of Banca Mediolanum, as well as Ennio Doris’s son-in-law, had in fact confirmed that “he had given his willingness to apply”, but also specified that he should have checked “the sustainability of a totalitarian commitment that it should have assumed “. Remembering to “have positions” in the company where he works and in the bank he launched. “My managerial achievement has reached its peak”. Adding immediately after “If I accept this, as long as I am well liked, for me it will be a dimensional leap. I want to put myself at the service of a project that has an impact on the community. I see myself as a bearer of ideas, who wants to put his knowledge practice at the service of a civic project. When I called I answered that it would be the direct consequence of the work I have been doing for fifteen years “.

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