Tfa support for the 6th cycle, green light for a further 15,809 places. There is the authorization of the MEF

The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, rattled off, during his speech at Question Time, several interesting numbers on the question of support, one of the biggest emergencies in the world of education.

The Ministry of Education, together with that of the University, has advanced to the Ministry of Economy and that of the Public Function, the authorization to start specialization courses on support for a total of 90,000 places for the academic three-year period 2021/2024, compared to of the 40,000 places authorized for the three-year period 2018/2020.

The increase in the educational offer will require a relevant response from the various Italian universities.

At the same time, however, the Ministry announces that, for 2020-2021, there would be an availability of 22 thousand places for the sixth cycle of the TFA Sostegno. Considering that, with respect to the places authorized for the three-year period 2018/2020, there are 6,191 remaining places, the Ministry has requested the activation of a further 15,809 places for the 6th cycle.

The measure is introduced in consideration of the increase in the organic endowment on support – for a total of 25,000 posts – established by the latest budget law. The Ministry of Economy has communicated to the Ministry of Education that it has no observations to make regarding the activation of the courses for a total of 90,000 places in the indicated academic three-year period and for a further 15,809 for the sixth cycle.

Tfa support, Bianchi: “90 thousand new places in the next three years for specialization courses. The MEF approved ” [VIDEO]



Tfa support #6th cycle green light places authorization MEF

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