Seasonal, Salvini minimizes: “Everywhere there are those who are smart”. But then he says: “I would tell my children not to accept offers like this”

Among the parliamentarians who made themselves available to see and comment on the video investigation de on the working conditions of seasonal workers (FIRST EPISODE/SECOND EPISODE) there is also the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. “In all professional categories there are those who are smart”Is his first comment. But the lack of staff complained by many entrepreneurs in the tourism sector can be attributed to the instrument of citizenship income? “I have the names and surnames of hoteliers, restaurateurs and managers of tourist facilities in Calabria who told me ‘I can’t find part-time staff because I am told to take 500 or 600 euros you stay at home and take the same amount with your citizenship income‘. Is there a tax evasion problem? There is also a taxation problem”Retorts the secretary of the League. But then the senator admits that, under the conditions proposed in the various talks held on the Romagna Riviera, he would tell his children “not to accept”. The solution for the secretary of the League is not to put a hand, nor to thin out the forest of many and too many contracts, including ‘pirate’ ones, nor to introduce a minimum wage, but to “lower taxes for entrepreneurs”

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Seasonal Salvini minimizes smart children accept offers

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