mom shields her 3 year old son

mom shields her 3 year old son
mom shields her 3 year old son

June 16, 2021 5:52 pm

Moments of fear in front of the municipal preschool in via Fratelli Grimm, Bicocca area in Milan: a mother and her child were hit by a car traveling north on the road. The accident occurred for reasons yet to be understood, but according to an initial assessment by the local police, the driver of the car would have hit a woman and a child in an attempt to avoid a sudden obstacle. The exact spot of the accident has no pedestrian crossing.

The 35-year-old woman would then act as a “shield” against the 3-year-old minor, preventing the consequences from being worse. The woman put her body between the bumper of the vehicle and her son and fell ‘dragged’ the child to the ground. The two got away without serious trauma, as the car was traveling at low speed.

The doctors of the regional emergency emergency agency with ambulance and self-medications intervened on the spot and both patients were taken to the Niguarda hospital. The woman – according to what was reported by the 118 operations center – reported a contusion to the buttock, as well as complaining of back pain, while the child had some bruises on the lower limbs.

To make the findings, two local police cars arrived in via Grimm. The agents handled the emergency and heard the testimonies of the unfortunate protagonists, before their transfer to the hospital.


mom shields year son

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