Stadio Roma, Caudo (PD): “As mayor, ready to talk to the Friedkin”

Stadio Roma, Caudo (PD): “As mayor, ready to talk to the Friedkin”
Stadio Roma, Caudo (PD): “As mayor, ready to talk to the Friedkin”

ROMA CAUDO STADIUM – “Lo Roma stadium? We will do exactly what we have already done with Pallotta, and with the same rigor: we will look at the private proposal and see if it will be consistent with the vision of the administration. As was the one in Tor Di Valle because it was a project inserted in the axis of the city that goes from the center to Fiumicino. We will examine it in the general interest only ”. Thus the president of the III Municipality and candidate in the primaries of the center-left in Rome for the mayor of the capital, Giovanni Caudo, during an interview with the Dire agency in the company of the former mayor Ignazio Marino. “There Friedkin’s Rome– he added – he certainly has other interests than those of the time but we will act with the same rigor and respecting the times. One of the most serious of
what happened in these years of the Raggi administration is the evil that the mayor did to the city in treating that project so uncertainly, giving a devastating signal to investors, including international ones. If he did not agree with the stadium he could cancel it by revoking public interest in the first few days after the election. Instead, Rays said some things in public and in private, in the rooms, he did others. Who can come and invest in Rome in these conditions? ”.

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Stadio Roma Caudo mayor ready talk Friedkin

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