Milan, “Try to catch me” style scammer arrested: he pretended to be 007 or diplomat to deceive the victims

Milan, “Try to catch me” style scammer arrested: he pretended to be 007 or diplomat to deceive the victims
Milan, “Try to catch me” style scammer arrested: he pretended to be 007 or diplomat to deceive the victims

An alleged serial scammer, who with “uniforms” and false documents, managed to pass himself off as belonging to the “Navy”, Aise (the secret services that follow foreign affairs) and the “Vatican security services”, was arrested by the carabinieri on the orders of the investigating judge of Milan Fioretta, in the investigation of the adjunct Pedio and of the prosecutor Stagnaro. Guido Umberto Farinelli, accused of fraud and more, allegedly deceived the police and a politician in a case of “person replacement”. Similar to the character of Try to catch me played by Leonrdo Di Caprio, he made his name appear on the Web falsely linked to the Abu Omar cases and the release of Giuliana Sgrena.

Farinelli, 46, is accused of crimes ranging from fraud to the possession and manufacture of false documents to unauthorized access to a computer system and forgery, corruption and person substitution. According to the investigations of the Carabinieri Investigative Unit, among the disputes against the man there is also an episode of “person replacement”, because he would have managed to obtain a certificate, posing as a member of the secret services interested in a dossier ‘on weapons, by a former senator who was part of the defense commission (the only politician is the offended party in the proceedings).

In addition, according to the investigation, the man allegedly made unauthorized access to computer systems also on behalf of Amedeo Matacena, a former member of parliament of FI and still a fugitive in Dubai. Farinelli would also have boasted relationships, which he did not actually have, with other politicians. Farinelli would also have bribed a “head of the Polaria”, who has now been suspended, to facilitate him in the “procedures” of “disembarking and boarding” at Fiumicino airport, in exchange for a “decoder” and the payment of “travel in train”.

Farinelli had also managed to forge a “diplomatic passport” and a “passport” from the UN. With his acquaintances and alleged boastfulness, again according to the investigations, he had managed to scam a series of entrepreneurs, from whom he asked for figures ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 euros, promising to be able to help them in their tax practices through his ‘acquaintances’. In reality, he would have carried out scams, especially in 2019, and at the same time other scams would have consisted in making him believe that he could carry on trading in gold and precious metals, in reality only “fictitious”.

Some episodes disputed by prosecutors as “influences trafficking” have been retrained by the investigating judge in “scam”. The unauthorized accesses would have been carried out above all in the databases of the police, because Farinelli was able, presenting himself with false uniforms, documents and badges, always to make people believe that he was what he was not and in this way to also create a network of ” relations”. He would also deceive several members of the police. In one case they would have even managed to collect money to organize an alleged musical event in the United Arab Emirates.

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