Coronavirus, latest news in Italy. Delta variant, 10 cases among migrants landed in Lampedusa

The Delta variant arrives in Sicily. Ten migrants, coming from Bangladesh and disembarked in Lampedusa, in fact, tested positive at the intersection between the Indian and the English. The refugees, as Il Giornale di Sicilia writes, are all asymptomatic and in isolation on a quarantine ship. The positive cases would have been identified at the end of May, thanks to the sequencing carried out by the regional laboratory of the Palermo Polyclinic, and communicated to the Ministry of Health, the Higher Institute of Health and the Region. All migrants who disembark on the largest of the Pelagias, where landings have resumed at full speed in recent days, are subjected to swabs, before being transferred to quarantine ships and to the mainland.



In Lazio 5,244 positive cases, 85 in intensive care

There are currently 5,244 Covid-19 positive in Lazio, of which 392 are hospitalized, 85 in intensive care and 4,767 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 331,243 have been healed and 8,292 died, out of a total of 344,779 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region.


In Tuscany 106 new cases and six deaths

The new positive cases in Tuscany are 106 more than yesterday (104 confirmed with molecular swab and 2 by rapid antigen test), which bring to 243,620 cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic. The healed grew by 0.1% and reached 232,927 (95.6% of total cases). Today 7,388 molecular swabs and 7,803 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 0.7% were positive. On the other hand, 5,141 subjects tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 2.1% were positive. The currently positive are 3,861 today, -4.8% compared to yesterday. The people hospitalized in the beds dedicated to Covid patients today are a total of 223 (17 less than yesterday, minus 7.1%), 50 in intensive care (4 less than yesterday, minus 7.4%). There are also six new deaths today.



Zaia: “In Veneto 84 positive, 0.33% incidence”

“In the last 24 hours we have had 84 positives and one new death. It means that the virus is there, a little, but it is still there. This is why we must avoid crowds and live as much as possible in the open air ”. This was underlined by the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia today during the usual press point. “The incidence is 0.33%, and we have a tenth of the December hospitalizations,” he explained.

In Umbria, current positives drop below one thousand

Currently positive at Covid in Umbria have dropped to 963, 61 less than on Tuesday. It was since last October that this figure had not dropped below one thousand while in November, in the period of maximum expansion of the pandemic, it was over 11 thousand. On the last day – reports the website of the Region – 12 new posts were found, 72 recovered and one new dead. 1,659 swabs and 2,402 antigen tests were analyzed, with an overall positivity rate of 0.29 percent (0.4 the previous day). The decline in hospitalizations continues, now 37, nine less than Tuesday, five of them in intensive care (stable data).

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