Women in Jazz: The crystal ceiling, concert: Cloister 2021

Women in Jazz: The crystal ceiling, concert: Cloister 2021
Women in Jazz: The crystal ceiling, concert: Cloister 2021

Milano – Monday 28th June 2021 continues on Program of Cloister 2021, the summer festival par excellence of Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan: the concert takes place in the conservatory courtyard at 8.45 pm The crystal ceiling, a definition that indicates the hypothetical barrier that prevents women, in all professional fields, from making use of the same expressive opportunities and personal affirmation as men.

Milano – In program music written by composers, arranged by the pianist and singer Mohan Chao and performed by an ensemble formed by musicians and singers, students of the Milan Conservatory. This is the concert program:

  • One Inch more, one Inch less (Monique Chao) – sings Monique Chao
  • How We Love (Gretchen Spoken) – sings Milena Paris
  • I know You Know (Esperanza Spalding) – sings Alessia Marcandalli
  • God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday) – canta Simona Daniele
  • danced cry (Maria Schneider) – canta Giorgia Basilico
  • The Crossing (Sheila Jordan) – canta Milena Paris
  • Tight (Betty Carter) – canta Simona Daniele
  • Kiss Me a lot (Consuelo Velázquez) – sings Alessia Marcandalli
  • Beatrice (Sam Rivers) with vocal quartet
  • T.R.E.A.P. (Attilio Zanchi) with vocal quartet

Milano – Admission is free with reservation required via email, subject to availability of places. It is mandatory to wear the mask: those are allowed surgical disposable to those Ffp2, but not those of community.

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Women Jazz crystal ceiling concert Cloister

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