the most recommended neighborhoods – Libero Quotidiano

the most recommended neighborhoods – Libero Quotidiano
the most recommended neighborhoods – Libero Quotidiano

(Milan, June 16, 2021) – Milan, June 16, 2021. Have you decided to buy a house in Milan and then rent it to make a long-term profit? Then you should pay attention to the area where the property is located, because its location makes a huge difference. In fact, in Milan there are much more renowned neighborhoods than others, which means that finding potential buyers or tenants in these contexts is much easier. On the contrary, in the city there are less attractive and popular areas, where you can buy houses at a lower price but if the purpose is to rent them out, the risk is certainly greater. If therefore of

# Historic center of Milan

Of course, among the best areas of the city we find the historic center: the beating heart of Milan, but also the most evocative and ancient one, a real feast for the eyes. Buying a property in these parts is certainly not cheap, on the contrary, since we are talking about the most expensive area. However, if the goal is to make an investment, it is also worth considering the apartments located in the historic center. In fact, their value does not risk decreasing as it can happen in other areas and this is a factor that should not be underestimated. Furthermore, if the intention is to rent the property to tourists, in the historic center you can dare with quite high rates and you can easily return to the initial investment.

# Isola district

After the redevelopment that took place a few years ago, the Isola district has become one of the most coveted in Milan and therefore deserves to be considered for an investment because in the future apartments in this area will be increasingly in demand. On the other hand, we are quite close to the historic center, which can also be reached on foot without being forced to take the car. The services are all there and the connections are optimal, so buying a house in the Isola district is undoubtedly an excellent idea, even for investment purposes.

# Tibaldi – Bocconi district

Another excellent neighborhood for a real estate investment is Tibaldi-Bocconi, which is certainly not among the cheapest but allows for interesting profits. We are in fact in a very popular and requested area, both by students who attend the university of the same name and by businessmen. Here, in fact, there are numerous offices of large companies, the urban context is very well-kept and there are high-level apartments that can be rented at quite high figures.

# CityLife – Three Towers

Absolutely to be taken into consideration for a real estate investment is also the Tre Torri district, where the very famous CityLife is located. The inn area of ​​Milan, where some influencers and celebrities also live and there is no shortage of green spaces, while remaining in a comfortable and well-served area, full of any possible and imaginable service. Tre Torri is a district destined to enjoy great success over the next few years.

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