strong push towards the single party –

strong push towards the single party –
strong push towards the single party –

Another step towards the single center-right party. This was claimed by Forza Italia sources after the meeting of the blue group in the European Parliament in which Silvio Berlusconi also participated via Zoom. “There is a strong push within Forza Italia towards the hypothesis of creating a ‘party of the Italian center-right’, a single party that unites the various acronyms of the center-right on the model of the British Labor Party or the French Republicans,” they say in the party. Berlusconi himself would have spoken during the summit of the project, extended to all coalition allies, from Coraggio Italia including Fdi.

Shortly before Antonio Tajani, coordinator and vice president of Fi, on Twitter had commented on the meeting: «From Brussels operational meeting, with President Berlusconi, of our delegation to the European Parliament. The Forza Italia family continues to grow in Europe. We are the guarantors of the center-right at the international level. Let’s continue towards a future full of successes! ».

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