“Liberating the Italians” – Libero Quotidiano

“Liberating the Italians” – Libero Quotidiano
“Liberating the Italians” – Libero Quotidiano

Thats enough. Versus Roberto Speranza Matteo Salvini takes another position. Reason for the dispute, in this case, the masks. Brief background: yesterday, Monday 14 June, the president of the Order of Doctors suggested reviewing the obligation to wear them outdoors, perhaps already by the end of the month. And guess what? Mister Chiusure has raised his finger, repeating on the tape that we shouldn’t be in a hurry and that “a mask does not distort existence“. In short, the usual broken record. In spite of studies that clearly highlight how contagion outdoors, without a mask and especially in an epidemiological context such as today’s Italian one, is almost impossible.

So here we are with Salvini, who in front of this umpteenth “niet” of the red Speranza, loses his temper. First of all, the leader of the League said: “Our priorities are not pollsbut health, taxes and work. We are working on blocking 160 million tax bills for 18 million Italian citizens, we hope to obtain the postponement at least until September and then move on to scrapping and paying in installments “.

So, here is Salvini opens fire on Speranza: “We are dealing with masks, in Belgium today the obligation ceases outdoors and in Israel also indoors. We got the reopenings and the release of the curfew, the next goal is free the Italians, at least outdoors, from the constraint of the mask “. Very clear words and all addressed to Speranza. Enough masks. Also because, as Il Tempo recalls, even France has decided to stop the mandatory outdoor mask starting from the next June 30. But here is Roberto Speranza …

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Liberating Italians Libero Quotidiano

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