in Rome I am close to both Calenda and Gualtieri

Tuesday 15 June 2021 – 4:05 pm

Comunali, Sala: in Rome I am close to both Calenda and Gualtieri

Bologna primaries open, difficult to face the center-right in Turin

Milan, June 15 (askanews) – “Especially on Rome I had hoped to see a single candidacy, so it is not. So let’s see who wins and then I’ll have to think about my campaign, but if I can support it, I don’t hide the fact that I have an excellent relationship with Calenda. I also want to say that Gualtieri called me before running for office, he wanted to understand what the mayor’s life is like, so they are two people I am close to ”. This was stated by the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, about the candidate for mayor of Rome for the center-left, speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new day care center for the homeless of Caritas Ambrosiana.

As for Bologna, he said he saw “Lepore in a video call some time ago, I don’t know the candidate Conti. There I really believe that the primaries are open, we hope that many people will go and vote again all together to support the winner or the winner ”.

On his interview with Stefano Lo Russo, winner of the primary in Turin, he finally added: “We said to ourselves that Milan and Turin are close from many points of view both in terms of distance with high speed and the common effort, for example through universities, the need to talk to each other, that if I were to become mayor we will work together. I also told him to pay great attention to the center-right candidate who is not easy to deal with from what I understand ”.


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Rome close Calenda Gualtieri

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