Logistic hub in the Europa district, between the opposition Italia Viva is in favor

ALESSANDRIA – In the recent session of the municipal council of Alessandria, in which the negotiated planning act was approved for the establishment of the logistics center of the Pam Group, Italy Viva it was the only minority political force to express your support to this project. “We believe it is an important opportunity for the future development of Alexandria, not only thanks to the high employment value (around 200 new jobs are expected, without considering those generated by the related industries) but above all thanks to a considerable symbolic and reputational value. The Pam Group, in fact, will build its main logistics center in the North West in Alessandria, confirming the strategic importance of our territory for the movement of goods (by road but also by rail) “ they pointed out Simone Annaratone, citizen coordinator of Italy Viva and group leader in the City Council e Alberto Fasciolo, of the Production Activities Department of Italia Viva Alessandria.

“It’s about another relevant element, after the arrival of Amazon Logistics in the city and after the start of the project to upgrade the railway yard. Alexandria’s natural vocation for logistical development is evident both geographically and infrastructurally (location in the center of the Turin-Milan-Genoa industrial triangle, at the intersection of two motorway axes and near the future Terzo Valico railway line) and on a legislative level (since 2018 the Alessandria area is considered a Zone Simplified Logistics, with tax concessions and streamlining of bureaucratic procedures to favor settlements) “.


Regarding the new site that will be built by the Pam Group, “Our hope is that the municipal administration undertakes together with the company and the educational institutions to promote (in the context of the school-work alternation) specific activities that allow young people to acquire skills on innovative logistics systems. We also hope that theUniversity of Eastern Piedmont can coordinate with the Pam Group (and with the other realities of the territory that deal with logistics) for carrying out highly specialized and qualifying internships and internships. Today more than ever, thanks to the desire to start again leaving behind the drama of the pandemic, it is essential that the whole city is united around a shared vision of the future, to give hope to the youngest and thus to counter the trend towards demographic decline. Therefore, it becomes essential to enhance the potential of our territory (and logistics is certainly a priority). Faced with this challenge, Italia Viva has always been present with a constructive and open spirit, looking beyond ideological contradictions and reasoning solely for the good of the Alexandrian community “.



Logistic hub Europa district opposition Italia Viva favor

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