Covid Italy, the point: what works and what doesn’t – Chronicle

Covid Italy, the point: what works and what doesn’t – Chronicle
Covid Italy, the point: what works and what doesn’t – Chronicle

Florence, June 14, 2021 – Emergency Covid: what’s working and what’s wrong? More than a year after the start of the pandemic, we are in fact in a confused moment, with good news coming from one side and critical issues facing the other.

The curve in free fall

The decline in infections is evident: as can be seen in the CovidStat / Infn graph: two months ago we had about 514 thousand positives in Italy, yesterday they were 160 thousand. A strong and continuous decline that bodes well for a more peaceful summer.

Hospitals breathe

Even hospitals can breathe a sigh of relief: many Covid wards are closing, mortality has collapsed and within two months we have gone from more than thirty thousand to about 4 thousand hospitalized. Intensive care has also dropped sharply, today we are at levels seven times lower than those of mid-April.

The vaccination campaign advances …

Over 28 million first doses administered, over 14 million Italians vaccinated: the turning point determined by the arrival of the son commissioner and the finally substantial supplies of vaccines have allowed the regions to vaccinate without stopping. Although there have been many differences between region and region.

… but the Astrazeneca chaos has broken out

In recent days, chaos has broken out on the former vaccine Astrazeneca, who certainly does not enjoy good communication luck. Although the case of the young Ligurian who died of thrombosis is still to be ascertained, it was decisive in marking the path of the vaccination campaign: from Astrazeneca for all to Astrazeneca only for the over 60s. And the tens of thousands of people who have already received the first dose? They will make the recall with Pfizer or Moderna. Although the second dose of Astrazeneca has so far proved to be very safe and the vaccine mix is ​​instead the subject of a very recent study. A decision that seemed to many to be “gut”. The vaccinated with the first dose, you understand by reading what they write on social networks, are now groping in the dark and many would like the recall to be carried out with Astrazeneca as well. A barrage of conflicting indications that have undermined the confidence of many.

The nightmare of variants

The delta variant it seems public enemy number one: “Vaccines suffer against this variant,” says virologist Francesco Menichetti, of the Pisa hospital. And the variant is widespread in the UK. In Italy it seems not, but the question is actually another: are we tracking enough? In short, is there no variant or is it there but you can’t see it? In this case we know: the only weapon is to vaccinate as much as possible and as soon as possible so as to slow down the circulation of the virus and the birth of new variants.

The impression that it is all over

From today a large part of Italy is in white area and from 21 June the whole country (with the only unknown factor of the Val d’Aosta) will abandon the restrictions except mask and distance. But even today, even in the yellow regions, you can see many people around even during the curfew, which is now on paper, and especially outdoors, also due to the heat, you see more and more masks on the elbow and less and less on the mouth and nose. As if the war were won. But it still isn’t.

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