Italy, Lippi: ‘Mancini’s national team plays proactive game, it’s an exception’

Italy, Lippi: ‘Mancini’s national team plays proactive game, it’s an exception’
Italy, Lippi: ‘Mancini’s national team plays proactive game, it’s an exception’

The former coach praises Mancini’s work to Sky: “Usually the national teams reflect the game played in their respective countries. Mancini’s Italy is an exception and has shown that he knows how to win. Barella is an international player.” And he jokes: “Who would win between my 2006 team and this one today? We on penalties”. On Buffon who will continue to play: “It doesn’t surprise me, he has always done exceptional things. Allegri’s return? A wise choice for Juventus”


“Is this national team stronger or mine in 2006? We would win on penalties”. Marcello Lippi, a guest on Sky, jokes commenting on the European adventure of the Azzurri, praising Mancini’s work and identifying some of the secrets of the team he built: “I like everything about this national team, I like how Mancini built it, ever since he sent messages to clubs asking for young players to play more. He transmitted serenity to the group, which is a fundamental thing in addition to technical skills. They have reached a very high level of self-esteem and awareness of strength, which should not be confused with presumption, because this national team is not presumptuous “.

Mancini’s national team is an exception

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“National teams often reflect the game being played in their respective countries. Mancini’s is an exception, he makes a proactive kick, verticalizes and has shown he can win. He knows what needs to be done to win and I hope they continue to do so. How can it improve? Nothing is missing, the continuity of performance when the value of the opponents increases will be an important verification. Psychologically there is a lot in common with my national team: they understood what it means to be a team, with the spirit of sacrifice and the desire to put oneself at the service of others. I don’t think there will be turnover with Switzerland: in these situations, enthusiasm allows us to go beyond physical fatigue ”.

Will you come like Totti?

He, who at the 2006 World Cup he managed and waited for Totti, then comments on the Verratti affair, with Mancini who has decided to bet equally on the Italian midfielder, injured a few days before the European Championships: “Mancini’s message was the same as I gave to Totti, even if his injury is less serious : ‘come with us, you will be important, if you don’t play the first one, you will be the protagonist later on ‘. And it’s a message not only for him, but for the whole group. Who struck me among the singles? I am in love with football Barella, the player who best interprets international football. He attacks, attacks spaces, shoots, heads goals: he is a complete player and will find his confirmation in this European Championship ”.

From Buffon to Allegri

Inevitable, then, a comment on one of his former pupils, with the announcement of Buffon who said he wanted to continue playing (near the agreement with Parma, for a romantic return to the club that launched him): “It doesn’t surprise me . Gigi has always done extraordinary things and continues to do them even now. He is a champion, decisive not only on the pitch but also off, where he is a constant point of reference. Physically he is fine, the reflexes are the same as always, he must continue to do what he has always done best of all. Allegri’s return to Juventus? Wise choice: Juve had made a bet after years of victories, a bet that did not go too badly, and now they have decided to play it safe. I told Max not to worry because returns to Juventus are often winning”.


Italy Lippi Mancinis national team plays proactive game exception

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